Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Hauls

Hi lovelies, I thought it would be fun to do haul reveals and reviews. As I am fond of reading, actually looking through hauls of other bloggers, I said to myself, why not do it!?
I will try to do it consistently on weekends.
Maybe, doing a weekly haul reveal would not only help girls out there with a fair review  but it will also be a record of how I've been doing my shopping. As I am really trying hard to shop responsibly. 

So, for this week, I got a few essentials.
All from Watsons. 
I like getting my essentials from Watsons since they carry most of the brands that we use. Last friday, got loofah, face scrub, facial mask, lotion and G's shampoo. I like using loofah compared to other sponges in exfoliating the skin. Loofah or luffa also helps in blood circulation on areas that you scrub. I use mine with a generous amount of shower gel or liquid soap. Be sure to air dry your loofah after use as it is susceptible to decay when kept wet and it can harbor bacteria in its tiny holes. Also, replace your loofah frequently.
St. Ive's Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub
I'm all about exfoliating this week. I've been using a different exfoliating facial wash but as of last week, I find myself crawling back to this product, or to the St. Ive's range for that matter. This exfoliating scrub is not subtle at all. It has beads that will surely scrub those dead skin cells, and it is inexpensive! Don't overuse it though, 2-3 times a week is fine by me.
Beauty Buffet CO Q10 & Yogurt Facial Mask
I got a free facial mask from Etude House a couple of weeks and I liked how my skin felt after I used it. So, I got this Q10 & yogurt facial mask for a try. It was very cheap, 2 for php59 only. I actually used up these 2 as of this writing, I really like how my skin felt after each use, more elastic and with a glow. A bonus is it is thinner than other masks that I've tried with the right amount of essence that in the recommended 15-20 minutes of use, I can walk around and do other things without fearing for the mask sliding down my face.
Vaseline Healthy White
I think this is one lotion I've subconsciously been using consistently for the past few months. I guess it's the SPF 24, I don't like using sticky sunblocks (which I really must learn to love!). Although this one is sticky, the trick is to really rub it in to your skin, which is good since your skin is getting the added bonus of circulation with all the rubbing. I am not really keen with the triple lightening factor, and it is a bonus too, I am more concerned with the higher UVA and UVB protection to help the skin from sun damage and keep it stay young. Even using this, it is advisable to keep from staying for too long under the sun.
Suave Kids Dora Shampoo Smoothers
I asked G to choose her shampoo and she got this! Since this is our first purchase for this brand, I wanted to get a smaller size but it is available for 355ml only. Well, no regrets. It smells good on her hair and G love Dora! Kids are easy to please anyway :). I even ask G how she like her new shampoo and here's what she said: "It smells like strawberry! It has Dora the explorer on the cute pink bottle and I don't need to use conditioner. I don't have tangles when I use my Dora shampoo." There you have it, folks.

And, for the not so essential:
new kicks! People Are People

 I can't resist not buy this pair. I could wear it with reds, blacks, golds and animal print ensembles!

5-inch high, will make me stand 5'10"!
I love shoes like this, they make you really tall, seem like you got legs which could go on like forever and if you carry it well, a good, confident posture.
Sorry for the white dots, standing in front of the mirror, I took this photo. 
I got this mirror in our closet which actually make you look slimmer. I guess it is like those we find in mall fitting rooms. A friend and my sister noted on how they look thinner in my 'magic mirror'. So, don't be fooled, I ain't got that thinner appendage! 

Love my new kicks and essential buys. What do you think?


  1. i also love the beauty buffet masks especially the ones in yellow, orange and green packs
    Regards from The Certified Latebloomer

    1. hi sis! yes, it's cheap and it does do the work.
      thanks for dropping by!