Monday, October 8, 2012

Flying Seair

Flying SEAir is a low-cost no-frill experience.

At first, I was very hesitant to fly Seair, was imagining small aircraft with duct tapes on a wing, cliche! Didn't have the courage to book with them until I asked at least 3 people who actually used the airline with a round trip ticket. Well, after asking around, all I got were good reviews that I can attest to. My misconception of a small plane is null as Seair uses Airbus A319/320 which could carry 144-180 passengers. I think this is the only worry that I have, flying on a small plane. So, to recount, here's what happened on our maiden round trip flight with Seair:

Seair flies from Iloilo to Manila 8:45am-10:00am daily and Manila to Iloilo 6:00am-7:15am daily they're using the old domestic airport /Terminal 4.  

Last Saturday, we, I was with 2 kids 8 and 14 years old, we're at Iloilo International Airport 7:20am and check in was a breeze. There's no queue and they didn't even asked to weigh our carry ons or for any check in bags. While waiting at pre dep, I was overhearing people talking about the plane being 'big' and 'ok', I think Ilonggos, like me, was hesitant to fly the airline. At 8am we boarded the plane, and few minutes later, we we're flying. 

The flight attendants were courteous and helpful. An old woman was flying with her 2 grand kids and a flight attendant actually took time to check on them and have a small talk. Another also greeted G with a "Hi, baby.", which made G smile.

The mag-cousins are excited!
I notice that there were really small number of passengers, leaving every other row vacant. It was even announced before the landing for passengers to go back to their assigned seat. We landed 32 minutes ahead of schedule, imagine that. I guess, it was because of the small number of passengers, we boarded and settled in fast, plane doors we're closed fast, no waiting for that passenger who decides to wander or use the CR come boarding time. And I remember thinking, "Is this plane over speeding?" I thought we we're flying fast. Anyway, landing at Terminal 4 was uneventful. We landed, we piled out the plane, went straight the exit, as we only have carry ons. After 20 minutes we were knocking at my nephew's. He even commented that we were early and he was expecting us to arrive in another 30 minutes.

Returning home, we were at the airport 4:50am. We were second in line for check in. It took us 10 minutes to finish check in as the ground attendant was a little meticulous with explaining details on our flight, taking time to call us by our first name, he even explained he assigned  "baby" on a window seat. He asked about our carry ons and the no liquid more than 100ml allowed rule. He even asked the man before us to take out his declared bottle of medicine and asked to open it. 

We boarded 5:30am and again there were few passengers. There was a runway traffic, the captain explained why we were waiting and that we were second in line. We waited for about 10 minutes, and if not for the traffic we would have been 20 minutes early. This time I was not really keen on observing the going on in the plane, I was already relaxed...and very sleepy. I fell asleep and was woken up by a thud on touch down. Exit was again fast, few minutes later we were already driving fast so that G could still attend school.

Overall, our Seair experience was excellent. Aside from flying on a budget, everything was a breeze. I was also concerned that it uses the old domestic terminal because of how I picture Terminal 4 used to be. But I really find it more convenient. I mean no long walking from the plane to exit for your car/taxi ride. No long line to get a taxi. I was thinking, if I go alone next time, I could walk a little farther and just hail a passing cab. Would I fly Seair again? Definitely! Maybe first time flight was a charm, let's see if the no delay experience is consistent.

South East Asian Airlines (SEAir), Inc., operating as SEAir sells their tickets via Tiger Airways website. Their other hubs are Malay, Aklan, Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, and Clark International Airport for Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kota Kinabalu flights.

Contact Info.:

 +632 849.0100

Makati/Manila – Commercial

2nd Floor La’O Centre, Arnaiz Ave. Makati City, Philippines 1200
Commercial FAX: +63 2 849.0219
Reservation FAX: +63 2 849.0239

What's your airline experience? Share! Lovely day, lovelies.

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