I think I have a weird name and people often mispronounce it and it's just hard to catch unless I put it in writing or spell it out. Friends and family sometimes refer me as MJ, which I find pretty nice. But many call me  Jo. And that's the one I like. After all, Jo means sweetheart, darling or beloved one. 
Two years of working after I graduated from college, my husband of a year have asked me to be a full time wife which I obliged since given the nature of his work we wanted to spend all of our time together when he is in vacation, that is when he is home. Hubby works abroad.  We find it very hard to be away from each other but we’ve kept a good work in holding ourselves together and sailing smoothly through life even with the on again off again feeling you get with having a long distance relationship. It is sometimes hard to think that in a year, we kind of spend six months together. But these only keep us stronger and really appreciate the time that we have together.
Oh, we have a pretty princess, G. She is 8 and my companion for the other six months that hubby is at work. She keeps me busy with all the school and after school works. We wanted her to be our little baby for quite a while. But I love it that as she is growing up fast, I get someone to tote around and share the perks of being a girl! Shopping, salon, spa, fashion! But she’s not so into it. Yet! Though, we both love frequenting bookstores.
I love to eat too; however, I can’t share that enthusiasm with G. She’s a very picky eater. So when I want to pig out, I call on some girl friends or my sisters.
I wanted to do a lot of things. And when I set my mind into something I want, I usually get it. Hmm maybe except losing weight! Hahahaha! I’m also in the journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy your stay in my blog. Cheers!
You can call me Jo or MJ. 

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