Monday, October 22, 2012

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

Hey lovelies!

Got busy the past week, it's our little girl's exam this week. Since, I am her tutor, we devote the weekend for study.

I promised a review for my previous The Body Shop haul from here, and it's more than a week of product test drive. Here's my take on it.

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

a little product goes a long way

liquid foundation in 105

a dewy glow after blending

I like how the bottle  pump works. You can actually control how much of the product you wanted out of the bottle. For me, a small amount is enough to cover up my whole face, giving me a glow which doesn't look fake. Also, it's to be noted that it has SPF 30.

The foundation is very creamy and it glides and blend well into my skin.

It is important to choose the shade that will match your color.
The SA chose the perfect shade of 105 for me.

I use just a small amount so as not to make the product feel heavy in my skin. Using 1/3 of a pump, it gives me a lightweight feel that I can actually use everyday, which I have been doing for the past week. I've used it everyday and I haven't have any break out like I always do when I put other products aside from moisturizer and face powder.

A 28ml bottle is priced at php1,645. It is a little steep but I got mine for 50% off. And even with everyday use, it would take me months to use up the whole bottle

With a week of using, I am loving this product!

With TBS all-in-one face base in 035
I am a devote user of the all-in-one face base in 02. But the SA asked me to try the new 035 shade. Read about it here.

Hope this will help you ladies on your search for that perfect face coverage. 

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