Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crocs Supersale 70% off

Last Friday  I had my every 3 months hair color appointment. I left home early, 9:30 am, so I can finish early to get G for her dance class. I arrived at Plazuela a little before 10 am and I got a little puzzled with the full parking lot. As in, FULL! and it usually don't get full even on busy Saturday nights. I spot a parking space near La Tolda, and if you visit Plazuela, it is awfully far from the main building. Then I saw this sign along with I think near to a hundred people lining up to get inside La Tolda. It was the first day of the sale!

I'm not really a Croc girl, don't own one pair, be it original or fake haha! But I got a little tempted to join the line...only if I didn't have an appointment. So, I turned towards the opposite direction and went to the salon. Got the works done, and from time to time, the salon people would gasp at the sight of shoppers carrying 2 to 4 bags of Crocs footwear. Dang! I really should have checked La tolda out! But I'm not that remorseful. After a while, my sis texted  to meet me up. Actually, I texted her about the sale, and thus, she wanted to meet up, I guess. To make the long story short, after the salon and filling lunch at Steps of Rome, I was so famished at 2pm, I wasn't able to take pics of the yummy foods we ordered, we joined in the throng of people waiting to get inside the tent a little before 3pm. Told my sis though, I don't think I'll be buying anything, maybe just for G. And I'm just curious how it looks like inside the tent.
We are in the middle of the line, so imagine 30-40 people lining behind us. I only have my phone with me to
take the pictures, so I wasn't able to give the whole line justice.

After 30 minutes or so, we saw the entrance fee sign. I was actually giddy, so was the girls near us. I can feel their energy hahaha! We got in and it was chaos. We were handed striped plastic bag (which we decline). The section was divided into kids, male and female area displays, of course with the female area dominating almost half of the place. There were 6 cash registers, I guess. I was busy rummaging through all the footwear, that I forgot to snap pictures I only got this one, so you can imagine how it's like, and I was a little shy to take snaps with my phone haha!

In the end, we only stayed for about an hour since we have to hurry home to get G for her ballet class. It was a little too crowded for us and we got a little overwhelmed with the selections too, plus I'm saving for some serious shopping next week. You see, my heart was not really there. But I tell you, the prices were rock bottom for some footwear. See what my sis got: 

original price php1,850 SALE! price php555
sis got this for  G: original price php2,155 SALE! price php 299

G loved what tita gave her that she wore it to class that afternoon. I happen to pass by the area again earlier, the line isn't that long anymore. I'm having thoughts of maybe checking the sale out again. Maybe get more for G hmmmm... 

If you wanna score Crocs at sale prices, you can still catch it tomorrow, their last day at La Tolda, Plazuela de Iloilo, 10am-7pm.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Secret Affair

Infidelity movies, a Philippine trend? 
Watching this trailer while my 2 inches damaged hair is snipped. Three hair stylist watched over my shoulder and the older cashier lady even mistaken the clip from No Other Woman. One stylist commented, this is the kind of movies he wanted to watch. I retorted: I guess, you can relate. The salon people laughed. He said : "I'm gay. I'm always the mistress, the other woman, the number 2." Awww a random heart spill. But of course, being with the 'darnas', there isn't a dull moment. The other stylist laughed so hard and proudly said, not in his case, he is his fafa's (lover's) one and only. Hayyyy another day with the fun gay people!

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Old Shoes, New Look

Lately, G have been wearing lots of Sunday's best dress to school or whenever we go out. This week, for teacher's day celebration, she is required to wear one. G would be happy to wear an old dress but mom refuse. So we bought one and I wanted a matching shoes, but I think our little one is more sensible than I am, she actually asked me to stop wasting money. hahaha! I am not kidding. In a very grown up tone she told me: Mom, you should stop wasting money. We went home but I still want a matching shoes for her dress. So, I think of a simple DIY to make a new look for an old shoe which will cost me zero moolah. 

rummaged through G's shoe closet and found this candidate

have these floral piece on stock and about to be thrown hair tie

I am a hoarder and I keep things that I think will come handy for crafts and DIY. We have tons of beads, floral pieces, fabrics and ribbons saved.  True enough, whenever we wanted to kill time, we would make a little project and find those hoarded stuffs handy.

for this DIY, last thing I needed is my trusted glue gun

beads from the hair tie attached to the flower using the glue gun
Attached the flower to the shoes with the use of glue gun and voila! After less than ten long minutes, here's how G's sort of new shoes look like. Spent absolutely nothing. I'm sure she won't be seeing someone wearing same shoes as her. It took sooo little time to do it too!

So, you think it goes well with the dots dress?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers have an important role. They impart knowledge and values which stays for a lifetime with our children. They mold our future nation builders. In the Philippines, we consider teachers as our children's second parents. After all, most time of the day, five times a week, our kids are with them. Teachers have a great impact on our little ones lives. And it is just fitting that we acknowledge this with a celebration.
G's teachers' day celebration will be a week from now. Two weeks ago, the parents have already met and made contribution to celebrate that one day especially for our children's mentors. G wanted to gift her adviser something which can be used at school. We received this letter though.

This is another thing that I like about G's school. They encourage simplicity and seem to have an understanding of how we can celebrate without all the hoopla and spending spree. Even at school presentations and programs, spending is strongly discouraged, also with school projects. I think this only brings out the creativity of students (and parents) in completing minimal or no cost projects. This also teach kids the value of money.
So for the special day for her teachers, we opted to make quote cards, as suggested by G. She told me it's better than to buy flowers which will wither, hmmm..good thinking.

we made this out of existing school materials and stock, no cost!
The steps, 12 seems a lot but it's really easy!
The steps: 
1.  Gather all materials: special paper (thick ones), puncher,scissors, cutter, cutting mat (if you prefer), pencil, colored writing materials, glue, ribbon, beads (again, if you prefer) and a thicker paper pictured above, we used a carton.
2.  Made this quotes and printed it out.
3.  Cut the quotes. I prefer using a cutter and mat when cutting. You can use the scissors if you like.
4.  Traced each quote to the carton.
5.  Cut the traced sizes.
6.  I punched holes to the special paper and marked the carton of the holes since the carton is thicker, I used scissors to put a hole in it.
7.  Glue the quotes to the carton.
8. Cut and insert 4 ribbons at each quote (cut ribbon at desired length, make sure it is long enough so you can tie it into something like in the picture) 
9.  Time to put beads! 
10. While G is decorating with beads, I cut 4 special papers she can write her greetings on.
11. After G wrote her cards, we glued it at the back of the carton.
12. The final outcome!
Make sure to supervise your kids when using cutting materials

Since we found the hanging quote easy, we decided to make simple cards too so she can thank all her teachers.
we also made this!
The cards were so easy to make. Get a thick special paper, cut it cardlike, have your kids write on it. On our part, I got a free a printable bloom and grow note like this:

printed it out, glued it to the card and added a floral piece we  have in stock.

Simple DIY your kids will like, so easy, so cute!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera in Manila Extended

"If you see only one show make sure it is this one!"-The Daily Mirror, UK  
And I am making sure that I see this show! The Phantom of the Opera.

I'm a sucker for musical movies, and the ones that I really like are Broadway shows turn into movies. Of course, The Phantom, Chicago, Rent, Nine, Annie, My Fair Lady even Evita. Moulin Rouge is my all time fave though, maybe a movie turn into a Broadway for this one? Heck, I even love 8 Mile, hey there's some singing there errr rapping, does that count?

Anyway, when I learned that The Phantom will be staged in the Philippines, I couldn't contain myself. I have to watch it! DH think otherwise though, he wouldn't allow me. (I think, he wanted us to see it together, too bad he's out of the country.) I remember we would watch the movie, Gerard Butler as the Phantom, DH would sing 'Love me, MJ, that's all I ask of you.' hahaha isn't it sweet? So, I heed and yes, being a good wife (at that time), I won't be going. You see, the show will be in CCP and us being in the province, it takes some planning and I can only go on weekends. However, I have sleepless nights of thinking, how could I allow to miss this one show...I would go to Ticketworld, where you can order your ticket online, and choose a seat even though I'm not going that time, and the show is closing soon. 

One day, checking at Ticketworld, The Phantom got extended (again!). I think, it's a sign that I should really go, it's like they're waiting for me haha! So, I booked a flight and ordered 2 tickets for the show. I figure I should bring G, what better way to introduce her to mom's passion. Having G with me, her school activities needs to be considered, so we wouldn't be going until 2 weeks from now. The tickets are selling fast and the good seats are almost all gone hence, the 2 weeks advance purchase. I got ours delivered today, I'm so excited!

You can order your tickets online at Ticketworld, they deliver orders via LBC.

As to this writing, the show got extended twice due to the overwhelming response of the Philippine audience.  Imagine: a nightly standing ovations. Originally, it is scheduled August 25-September 15. Then it got extended to September 30, 16 more shows are added until October 14.

The Phantom of the Opera
Ticket Price:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Zoobles Sale!

We love Zoobles!
Zoobles are like Bakugan. I say, they are Bakugan for girls.They are these cute zoo animals that "Spring to life!" as their tag line say. And it really does, it is surprisingly entertaining even for me and G's titas.  It's really fun to play with. Zoobles live in a world Zooble Isle and are divided into different collectible regions, there are more than 400 of them and the number is growing! They roll up into balls and spring to life once it comes into contact with its special home called 'Happitat'.
G got her first set as a prize for finishing grade 1. ☺☺
Birthday Party Set Around P1,500 ($36)
Includes 1 Playset, 1 Exclusive Zooble, 1 Mini Zooble
Accessories: 1 Boat, 1 Elevator, 2 Balloons, 1 Gift, 2 Party Hats, 1 Table, 1 Birthday Cake
party set out of the box
We wanted to have more of the cutesy animals to join our party but I find it a little pricey, ranging P350-550 a piece.So, imagine our joy when we drop by Toy Kingdom earlier, they were on sale! Of course, I got a little gaga over it. When G chose just one, I urged her to get more.
This is what we got:

Original price P349.75 SALE! P99.75 ($2.40)
We chose Hooter and Buzzabelle
Original price P549.75 SALE! P199.75 ($4.80)
We chose Furly, Walker, Clementine and Miss Ruby
Here they are, out of the box. Aren't they cute!?

Our new lot!
G can't wait to play. She asks me to hurry with the photo op LOL!
I think we'll go back to the store tomorrow and get more Zoobles!
It's a good bargain, right? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

7th Birthday

Ok, G's 8 now and I am already in the plans for her 9th birthday. But indulge me in sharing her memorable 7th birthday. Which I dare say, inspired other mom friends to give unforgettable birthday celebrations for their kiddos too! Hey, our little princesses turn 7 once!

Of course, we have second thoughts on throwing a grand party, considering that April is G's birthday month and the next month, it will be enrollment time and we are still on the finishing stage of our home. Luckily I charmed DH (again) to a workable budget plus I have some comissions on a sideline I had that time and one of G's generous ninang gifted her a sizable cash. So, off I go running around town. Then again wait! I went to this party planner... They gave me recommendations on the venue, have packages which already include EVERYTHING from the decorations, hosts, entertainment. I barely lifted a finger. But OC as I am, I asked to make the invitations and fill the giveaway bags. Come the big day, we checked in the hotel, came down once to check the party area then hours later, we we're having fun!

The party planner? Ms. Jasmin is the hands on owner. And I rave about her to my mommy friends!

The invitations I made. Bought special papers and ribbon from the bookstore, some tweaks in the computer, printed, rolled and tied a ribbon. DH helped me distribute the invites two weeks before the event.

I gave out save the date cards to G's classmates. School ends a month before her birthday, I have to remind them ahead of time!

...and the happy faces of G's guests...

Up to today, we sometimes sit down and watch the party's video that came with the photography package. We were glad that we hired professionals to document that special day. We still get lots of laughter in watching G's 7th birthday celebration.

How did your little one celebrated his/her big 7?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buwan Ng Wika

I think of all of G’s school activities, I like Buwan ng Wika celebration the most.  Why? Because it is memorable. How? G’s batch always win 1st place in stage presentation, they’re grade 2 currently. Last year, the grade ones won doing their medley dance in their different worker costumes. It was so cute to see little kids dressed up as policemen, fire fighter, driver, flight attendant, teacher, doctor, ice cream vendor and other workers. G was a sampaguita vendor, which called her to do a little kind of solo time running around the stage selling sampaguita on a pambahay clothes, which we love since it was an effortless costume.
2012 buwan ng wika, her batch performed the different dances of the Philippines. It was really amazing to see the little 7 and 8 year old kids dance and win given the 4 day after class practice.
Thirty kids from grade 2 were chosen,G was one of the 5 muslim fan dancers.

Afternoon before the program, one mom told me that the children need to wear a Filipiniana in the morning and change to their dance costume after lunch. I got a little panicked since we haven't have one prepared and  she wouldn't wear her last year's costume. G got a little bigger and taller.

At 2011 buwan ng wika, we we're already dressed at 5:45am and there's a power shortage, thus the light.

Going back on getting a litle panicked, after dance practice, 6:30pm we went straight to SM city for a Filipiniana costume. Boy, was I glad to see the selection.

G chose her costume, I think we paid P550.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Paris Get Away Birthday Theme

Last August 11, we we’re invited to a 5th birthday party, theme: Paris Get Away.  Birthday girl’s mom asked us to wear something pink. I wanted to put G in an all out pink outfit but she wouldn’t have it. She wanted to wear her new favorite, a Pois Belly and Kids baby pink tutu.
Now, to choose a top to go with the tutu:

G's first Forever 21. I bought these during a shopping spree DH gifted me for our 10th wedding anniversary.
have these layered pearls for quite a while but haven't got the chance to use it

I like the pop of color of the orange top.

with the birthday girl
In the end, G chose the purple top and wore her Sugar Kids.
L-R the venue, candy corner (with the adorable enlarged photos),
personalized juice and napkin label, of course, Mom&G and G with her loot pouch
Party day, we were excited! We really enjoy attending kids birthdays. While G is having the time of her life joining the games and enjoying the shows, I don't shy away from playing in the adult games too. Haha!

Do you guys like attending birthday parties too?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dipping in again!

So long ago, I dipped my feet into blogging. Random ramblings and musings, I never really had a clear vision on what I wanted my blog site’s turn out should be or how it would serve me, just compulsive writing. Then things got crazy and I got busy.  Dear hubby (DH) gave me a little business, we had a house construction and G, our little princess, is on her way to preschool and before I knew it, I’m already driving her to grade school every day. 

Now that we’re all settled in our home, the business had been given up, finding it taxing on my part and no longer profitable, I got more time on my hand more than ever. Or so I thought. School has kept me busy being G’s all around personal assistant; driver, tutor, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer and doing almost everything most of the time to single-handedly run the household, the perks of having DH working abroad to provide amply for the family. 

I thought blogging would be a good idea to timeline the things we do while DH is away, for him to have a glimpse of. Also, to share our stories to other families, whose mom or dad is away most of the time. This is our way of coping... Our stories, simple pleasures, travels and pieces and tidbits.

This is us. DH, Mom&G.