Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

Whoa! The "Seed" was intense!

The season premiere of The Walking Dead definitely did not disappoint.  
My heart is in my throat almost the whole  42 minutes of the show. 

From season 1, I think this is the episode with the most zombie kills. No shortage of walkers and gore as the cast have become more better at killing zombies. Even the traumatized young Carl, now has adapted to the environment and carries his own gun silencer. 

The characters have obviously been through an ordeal which left the discuss on morality of killing the walkers long gone. It's now more on about survival no matter how, coordinated killing of the walking dead.
And if you ask me, it made the premiere more bad ass  I mean, this is how I envision zombie apocalypse, human reclaiming the top of the food chain by being the aggressor with strategy.

I was startled when Hershel got bitten by a "resting zombie", which in the first place shouldn't be playing dead, if you ask me. But it only gave more intensity to the story line and more shock as Rick hacked off the old man's leg with the very much alive camper prisoners as audience. Ending the episode with one of the prisoners saying "Holy S**t!"

With that ending, I am so excited for the next episode!

Remember Michonne? 
Michonne is a sword wielding character with two arm hacked zombies in tow who mask off her scent to zombies and carries her bags. The two arm less zombies are actually Michonne's boyfriend Mike and bestfriend Terry.
She and Andrea have been sticking with each other in the past months.

I suggest you not miss this season. It will definitely be a more thrilling, bad ass, nerve racking and gory season.

And to leave you with episode 2's sneak peek

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