Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick is retro-matte and part of MAC's permanent line.

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Price: around Php1000
Available in MAC counters: SM MOA, New Eastwood Mall, Trinoma, 
Glorietta 2, Powerplant Mall, Ayala Center Cebu
Finish: Retro-Matte

As I'm halfway on my Russian Red, I wanted to repurchase but I remembered that
I also wanted Ruby Woo at the time that I got the Russian Red.
So, I went ahead and bought this instead for a try.

Another thing I like about MAC lipstick is it's simple bullet like tube.

Because Ruby Woo is a retro-matte finish, it is super matte. It could easily dry out on the lips. What I do when I use this is to exfoliate my lips first and apply a lip balm for base. At first, I really have a hard time applying this lippy, it wouldn't glide that I rather use Russian Red. But hey, I always try to like what I buy, after all this purchase is a bit pricey. Other trick I do is layer on top some lip gloss, the color is beautiful.

One application doesn't do it for me, Ruby Woo is not as pigmented as Russian Red. 
Or maybe I'm just afraid to swipe harder, afraid I might break it tsk.

On my lips on it's own. Ugh! I really had a hard time applying this lipstick the first time. But see, how matte it is, looks like I used a lip pencil. Two more strokes and the color really popped beautifully!

1. Pigmented. As I learned to prep my lips with a good moisturizer or lip balm; this gives good coverage in one swipe.
2. Long staying power. Though it makes fine lines on the lips visible and becomes dryer every passing hour, this definitely is the longest wearing lipstick in my list.
3. Super matte finish. Doesn't bleed or transfer. (hubby noted it too)
4. Vanilla scent.
5. It could easily brighten up your face!
6. Versatile. You could make it sheer with one swipe, then bold with one more.

1. Yes, a little pricey. But you get what you pay for, I'm partial on this aspect. :)
2. Could be very drying.

It's a must to exfoliate the lips and prep it with a good moisturizer or balm. 

Because of the beautiful color and it's very long staying power, I'm willing to overlook 
Ruby Woo's flaw being so dry as a desert! 
This is another must have red lipstick if you could just be patient on application and lip prep.

Would you purchase this, lovelies?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amalfi Cucina Italiana

 Amalfi Cucina Italiana is a famous restaurant in the city that serve authentic Italian dishes. 

The Avenue Complex,
Boardwalk St. Lecerio Pison Ave.
Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao,
Iloilo City Philippines
(033) 3295289

One night, after we (my sis in law & I) closed the mall, as in, we waited til mall's closing hour, occupied ourselves with all the dress shops and window shopping; we're set for dinner. We're keen on the usual Plazuela dinner at Steps of Rome but decided to head to Smallville Complex at the last minute. There we discovered our what we call "will be our favorite restaurant of them all".  Sure enough, few days later we came back to dine.

A complimentary bread for dipping in a tangy soy and olive oil dip with parmesan cheese is 
served upon sitting. If you are a light eater, easy on this for it could be filling!

We love the Prawn and Grape Salad. Amalfi servings could easily be shared by 2 non-voracious eaters. Not a problem with me since I'm with very picky and light eaters. Four girls get to share this one serving!

The seafood pasta, Al Frutta Di mare. We love the big chunks of fish and squid. 
We opted for the linguine pasta. 

A personal favorite, Manzo Alla Griglia Con Funghi. 

Best of the house, Steak Florentine. Although, we found it a little dry that night. 
Still, we love it's taste and sauce.

Our choice of wine, Ventisquero. We love Chilean Merlot for it's relaxing buzz 
which makes us more chatty hahaha!

Of course, desserts! 
Panna Cotta, Tiramisu and Cassata Siciliana.
By this time, we're already full 
and happily chatting the night away!

We love it in Amalfi, the classy, cool and elegant interior design, well appointed tables and chairs which set a comfortable and engaging mood for the guests and intimate atmosphere of the restaurant. 
We love the food and elegant presentation add to this, the attentive and efficient staff, 
Amalfi live up to it's name as one of Philippines Best Restaurants.