Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rhyl Xionist Boutique/Tips on Boutique Shopping

Hi lovelies!

Indulge me as I share a friend's business, probably a dream business for most of us girls (including me!). Yesterday, the second branch of Rhyl Xionist Boutique opened its doors at the 2nd floor of The Atrium Mall, Iloilo City. 

Rhyl Xionist @ The Atrium Mall, Iloilo City

Me, Rhyl's owner and Grace with baby Sam!
Bagong gising ang peg ko, ang eye bags hehe!
The day started with the store's blessing followed by a filling merienda and of course, our chance to browse through the newly displayed stocks while talking with other mommies.

Look at our kids! They're all so well behaved during the blessing.
"I woke up late, jump into the shower, threw on my reliable leggings and shirt combo, have G dressed too, didn't have a chance to even drink my morning coffee, so come merienda time, I was famished that I forgot to take food photos (hehe, sorry!)."

The pretty owner at the counter :)
Rhyl Xionist got a wide selection of Bangkok clothes, bags and shoes for everyday use even for special occasions. For  moms like me who go out everyday to bring and fetch the kiddos to/from school, I think it's a must that we take care of ourselves too. Dress right and good, don a comfy, statement footwear, wear  that stylish bag and accessories, but it doesn't mean we have to break the bank. Remember: the tuition, the ballet, voice, violin, piano, belly dance fees..etc..etc..

Save those LVs,Chanels, Fendis and  Pradas, not for everyday use, but if you think otherwise, go! haha

easy to slip on tops and trendy bags (was eyeing that purple dots bag)
for the young fashionistas, wide selection of affordable trendy dresses

'think I'm gonna ask my niece to check on this cute owl top!

Got my eyes on you! How cute is this slip on!?

There are a lot of merchandise on display. Sometimes we women get overwhelmed with the selections. 

Here are some of my tested tips on shopping from those overflowing with goods boutiques.

1. Bring a friend for a second opinion :) 
--sometimes some 'tinderas' would be too pushy in selling you the goods, your friend, sister or even your kid will give you that honest opinion if you don't look good on that dress you fitted.

2. Items on display could sometimes look dowdy, look at the make and materials used, you'd be surprised on how it will transform once worn.
--I emphasize this to my sisters when we do some clothes shopping. Some shirt/dress would look unimpressive just hanging but when you wear it, it actually look good! One too many times, I proved this, and they would later on tell me that they got compliments on that not so special dress we saw neglected at a mall's sale. 
(see the blue owl slip on, how it looked so so on display)

3. When you see something you want, don't put it back on the rack.
--another shopper might be eyeing that item too and once you let go of it, it will disappear and some boutiques have limited stocks on sizes and designs, save for those too generic clothing which obviously we don't want to buy and see being worn by the next girl in the coffee shop. So, hold on to that nice top and don't let it go. :)

4. Before you pay, check the item.
--does it have a little rip somewhere? Does it look like the gems on that stylish footwear are just glued? The lace have runs? Check check check!

5. Don't hesitate to ask for discount.
--there's no harm in asking :) oftentimes, you'll get a 10% discount on regular priced items.

Take advantage of the cheap but quality made shirts and dresses you will find in mall boutiques.

Once a 'fashionista' acquintance  told me: "I don't repeat wear my clothes."
oh-uh that sounds..whatever, but hey if you buy it for rock bottom prices, 
guess it's ok to make it into 'basahan' after 1 wear. 
Or probably you don't like the dress well enough not to wear it again and give it away. 

Really, who has the money to buy something and wear it once? 
So, don't be afraid to repeat wear your stuff, lovelies! :)

from my aspiring photog friend like me, Grace :)
Visit Rhyl Xionist, 2nd floor The Atrium Mall
also at the The Robinsons Place Iloilo, near the foodcourt
Rhyl Xionist is on SALE! 
It is a perfect time to start on that Christmas gift list, from our yayas to the in-laws, 
you will probably find something for them at Rhyl (hehe this is not a paid advertisement!)

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