Friday, October 12, 2012

Hauls: The Body Shop Big Sale!

I like it that The Body Shop have environmental sensitivity in creating the products that they sell.

I'm a fan for as long as I can remember and if my memory serve me right, when I started experimenting with make up, my first eye palettes, face powder, lippies were from TBS.

I got an invitation to join the exclusive LYB (Love Your Body) Give Joy Party in Megamall (Oct. 13), Trinoma (Oct. 19) or SM Mall of Asia (Oct. 20). It's a loyal members only party.

Regrettably, since I am a plane ride away from the venues, I stopped my self from leaping into the opportunity of meeting other LYB loyal members and getting huge discounts from would be purchases, I promise myself though to attend next time if the same invite will come  ;).

To console myself, here's our weekend haul, lovelies!
Shampoo and conditioner at the back, family essential;
the front row, mine. 
I can't fret since the nationwide sale is still on, TBS discount is very tempting, I dropped by Robinson's Place Iloilo earlier. Sale time is the perfect time to stock up on products that I/we use up fast.

shampoo php985 SALE! php492.50
conditioner php765 SALE! php382.50
Hubby and I love the rainforest shampoo and conditioner.
I was using the rainforest radiance when hubby tried and liked the shampoo's result on his hair.He ended up using up 'my' shampoo and I actually packed a bottle for him to bring to a 5-month work contract away from home.
We both like how our hair felt thicker yet soft at the same time. What really attracted me is that it has no harsh chemicals (I get that every 3 months from my salon visits, thank you very much). The bottle says no silicones, no sulphates, no colourants, no parabens.

As the bottle instruction say, you have to mix the product in the hand with water to create lather. It doesn't lather much, as I am guessing because of the few chemicals in the product. However, it really does leave my hair completely cleansed. It is also the mildest shampoo I ever tried. For best results, use it with the conditioner accompaniment.

Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist  php875
SALE! php525
My olive oil (courtesy of my niece) is still half full, but it is best to stock up on TBS product when it's on sale, read: big savings!

I remember this product used to be packed differently, it is in a long glass bottle which I find nice however this one is handy since I bring this mist everywhere! Ok, we are in a tropical country and sticky is what comes to mind when you hear oil, and it has 2 oils in its name...olive (1)oil dry (2)oil mist hehe (It's not for cooking too ladies), but it is so light to the skin

Used all over the body after shower, this is very moisturizing and it is absorbed by my skin swiftly. It has a very good smell too, none of the funky olive oil smell we use in the kitchen.

I think it is best used at night, I use this instead of lotion. But, I also carry the mist in my bag and when I feel my hand drying or cold, I rub this product on. I find the smell comforting.

That's all for now lovelies. I need to try out the Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation first before I tell you my take on it. Also, my favorite all in one face base has a new shade, watch out. 'Til next time!

Eye Mask php350
Before I go, bought this gel eye mask last week in Trinoma. It is very soothing, put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using. Package says it can also be soaked in hot water for a relaxing eye pampering (maybe i'll try it later).
It's a good buy especially for tired mommy eyes. Be sure to read the instructions before using.

Don't forget to drop by the nearest TBS, big sale still on going!

Lovely day! 

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