Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Hauls with Review

Hi lovelies!
Another week passed, as promised, here's my weekend haul reveal and reviews. Hope you ladies find this informative.

make up haul, 3 lipsticks are free

Who doesn't love MAC!? Ladies have been raving about MAC products so, last weekend I got me some essentials. I've always been a The Body Shop advocate, I buy almost all my make up needs from them. They are actually on sale this month...ohh that would be another post and another haul. But my sis-n-law showed and made me use some of her MAC lippies, and I really liked them. So, off I get to know MAC. And these are the two products I purchased: Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and Pro Longwear Concealer. I wanted to buy the Russian Red lipstick but it's out of stock.
MAC Pro LongWear Concealer
A pump of the Pro Longwear Concealer, I am a NC20

Blending it, I like how it is a little runny, it is easy to blend and feels light weight.
After thorough blending, the concealer seemed to have been absorbed by my skin. Before I bought this product, 
I tried it in the MAC counter and I got same result at home.
It really felt lightweight and as my niece put it: 
"talagang kumakapit sa skin". And it really does. I guess that's how it became a longwear, it stays and absorbed by the skin. My first use, I applied the concealer then dust it with studio fix at 10am and we went home past 8 in the evening. So, that's a good 10 hours of products  staying power. I didn't have that uncomfortable feeling of a sticky   
concealer in my face as I am not used to using concealers or foundations.

my first Studio Fix

I like how this makes my face smooth, especially when used on top of the longwear concealer. I thought I would look pale in NC20 but this looks fine on me when I use it outside.
These two products are fabulous! I can't wait to get the lippies!
The newest MAC cosmetics counter is at SM Mall of Asia.

Shiseido The Make Up Eyelash Curler with free refill

I also got this eyelash curler. Since college, I've been using the same brand for curling my lash. I think my sister gave me my first Shiseido curlash. This one is meant to be used when you already have your make up. But with make up or none, I like using this. It curls my lashes beautifully and makes them appear longer. I don't use mascara often. I find my curled lashes stay curled longer even without a dab of mascara.

from my beautiful niece
L'Oreal Color Riche 111
Brown Stone
Avon Ultra Color Rich C300
Charged Cherry

I really want to get lipsticks from MAC however, the colors I asked for or describing are out of stock. Well, usually the beautiful palletes goes out of stock first. My niece was kind enough though to give me these new lipsticks for my smackers. She actually made me choose the colors I want from her collection. I can't thank her enough.

Revlon Matte 011
Stormy Pink

the swatches
Surprisingly, I love Avon's charged cherry. It glides beautifully as I am guessing it's a moisture rich lipstick.

Revlon is a true matte lipstick, which can be seen in the swatches, it is a barbie pink. It tends to make my lips dry but I found it best worn with a lip balm applied on the lips first. I use baby lips by Maybelline, the two paired, I find my lips more plump.

Brown Stone is beautiful too! And as I am going out to pick G from school, I am wearing this color. Could be mistaken as nude in one swipe. I find it to be moisturizing my lips as well.

Hope these reviews help you ladies out there.


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