Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rhyl Xionist Boutique/Tips on Boutique Shopping

Hi lovelies!

Indulge me as I share a friend's business, probably a dream business for most of us girls (including me!). Yesterday, the second branch of Rhyl Xionist Boutique opened its doors at the 2nd floor of The Atrium Mall, Iloilo City. 

Rhyl Xionist @ The Atrium Mall, Iloilo City

Me, Rhyl's owner and Grace with baby Sam!
Bagong gising ang peg ko, ang eye bags hehe!
The day started with the store's blessing followed by a filling merienda and of course, our chance to browse through the newly displayed stocks while talking with other mommies.

Look at our kids! They're all so well behaved during the blessing.
"I woke up late, jump into the shower, threw on my reliable leggings and shirt combo, have G dressed too, didn't have a chance to even drink my morning coffee, so come merienda time, I was famished that I forgot to take food photos (hehe, sorry!)."

The pretty owner at the counter :)
Rhyl Xionist got a wide selection of Bangkok clothes, bags and shoes for everyday use even for special occasions. For  moms like me who go out everyday to bring and fetch the kiddos to/from school, I think it's a must that we take care of ourselves too. Dress right and good, don a comfy, statement footwear, wear  that stylish bag and accessories, but it doesn't mean we have to break the bank. Remember: the tuition, the ballet, voice, violin, piano, belly dance fees..etc..etc..

Save those LVs,Chanels, Fendis and  Pradas, not for everyday use, but if you think otherwise, go! haha

easy to slip on tops and trendy bags (was eyeing that purple dots bag)
for the young fashionistas, wide selection of affordable trendy dresses

'think I'm gonna ask my niece to check on this cute owl top!

Got my eyes on you! How cute is this slip on!?

There are a lot of merchandise on display. Sometimes we women get overwhelmed with the selections. 

Here are some of my tested tips on shopping from those overflowing with goods boutiques.

1. Bring a friend for a second opinion :) 
--sometimes some 'tinderas' would be too pushy in selling you the goods, your friend, sister or even your kid will give you that honest opinion if you don't look good on that dress you fitted.

2. Items on display could sometimes look dowdy, look at the make and materials used, you'd be surprised on how it will transform once worn.
--I emphasize this to my sisters when we do some clothes shopping. Some shirt/dress would look unimpressive just hanging but when you wear it, it actually look good! One too many times, I proved this, and they would later on tell me that they got compliments on that not so special dress we saw neglected at a mall's sale. 
(see the blue owl slip on, how it looked so so on display)

3. When you see something you want, don't put it back on the rack.
--another shopper might be eyeing that item too and once you let go of it, it will disappear and some boutiques have limited stocks on sizes and designs, save for those too generic clothing which obviously we don't want to buy and see being worn by the next girl in the coffee shop. So, hold on to that nice top and don't let it go. :)

4. Before you pay, check the item.
--does it have a little rip somewhere? Does it look like the gems on that stylish footwear are just glued? The lace have runs? Check check check!

5. Don't hesitate to ask for discount.
--there's no harm in asking :) oftentimes, you'll get a 10% discount on regular priced items.

Take advantage of the cheap but quality made shirts and dresses you will find in mall boutiques.

Once a 'fashionista' acquintance  told me: "I don't repeat wear my clothes."
oh-uh that sounds..whatever, but hey if you buy it for rock bottom prices, 
guess it's ok to make it into 'basahan' after 1 wear. 
Or probably you don't like the dress well enough not to wear it again and give it away. 

Really, who has the money to buy something and wear it once? 
So, don't be afraid to repeat wear your stuff, lovelies! :)

from my aspiring photog friend like me, Grace :)
Visit Rhyl Xionist, 2nd floor The Atrium Mall
also at the The Robinsons Place Iloilo, near the foodcourt
Rhyl Xionist is on SALE! 
It is a perfect time to start on that Christmas gift list, from our yayas to the in-laws, 
you will probably find something for them at Rhyl (hehe this is not a paid advertisement!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

P1 Seat Sale

SALE Alert:   Cebu Pacific P1 seat sale to all Philippine and international destinations!

What are you waiting for, lovelies!? Book a flight for that well deserved vacation.

Sale period is up to October 31, 2012. 
Travel period is from June 1, 2013-December 15, 2013

Hurry! Don't wait until the last minute to book your flight. 
Site is experiencing so much traffic but be patient, you'll get a piso seat!

Catchy Windows 8 Advertisement

Moments ago, after seeing the Windows 8 advertisement, I thought it was catchy. Well, I'm not the only one who thought so. G, asked me if I know the title of the song. She wanted to Google it haha and she's already singing the few lines that she caught.

Here's the few lines:
Everything at Once

As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox
As fast as a hare, as brave as a bear
As free as a bird, as neat as a word
As quiet as a mouse, as big as a house

All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything.

The whole lyrics here

We love Lenka and Everything at Once is as catchy as The Show.

Wanna hear the song and sing along like we did for the past hour?

credits: Florin Puscas

Now, Windows 8...with what I've seen from the advertisement. I think it is engineered  for tablet use. I'm not as technical as hubby, I'll ask him how we could benefit from it :) and maybe he'll get me a new Windows 8 license and review it too!

A happy song for you lovelies!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Iron Man 3

Loooove Iron Man! Remember The Avengers?  

Yesterday, a trailer for Iron Man 3 hit the web. Sir Ben Kingsley is the new villain, 
The Mandarin who will turn Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) life in disarray.

Have a sneak peek and wait long until April 2013, for the movie release. 

Hmmm I'm finding Iron Man's life turning too serious and dark...with a Dark Knight Trilogy tone to it. 
Oh well, let's wait til April 2013 and really review it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Body Shop All-in-one Face Base

I've been using The Body Shop products for more than ten years and my personal favorite is it's All-in-one Face Base in 02. What I like about this face base is it's light to medium coverage, indeed, I feel like having my own face, only better. It is also a convenient on the go compact which includes sponge and mirror.

Once my sister saw me using this, she tried it, then asked me if she could have it na lang! 
She ended up with my trusted compact.
photo from TBS UK

Week ago, I dropped by the only TBS store in Iloilo City, located at the 2nd floor Robinsons Place to get my face powder since mine is running out. I always buy 2 face base for back up :). When I come around the shop to buy I asked for 02 but the SA told me it's out of stock. I opted for 03 then she introduced the new all-in-one face base shade  the 035 which she said is a good match to my skin. (I think this is the new 02)

03 and 035 shades (with flash)

my about to run out 02, 03 and the new 035 shade
There's a little shade difference on the 02 and 03 but the new shade 035, 
one can notice it to be pinkish.

035 shade up close
I've been using the new shade and it really is a much better match compared to the 02 shade I've been using. The problem with having 3 shades on hand is the mental fight on which one to use haha! I always ended up using the new shade.

All-in-one face base retail for php1425. A bit pricey that's why I get mine whenever it is on sale, mine was both at 50% off. At regular price, with LYB card, it can be availed at 10% discount. Which reminds me tomorrow is the last day of the pre-holiday sale buffet!

What I like about the All-in-one Face Base:
1.Blends seamlessly with my skin tone with a smooth, matte finish.
--as the product description say: have the skin that looks like yours, only better.

2. The whole look and convenience. A mirror separates the sponge from the product.

3. Dermatologically tested and with vitamin E.

4. Uses ingredients from Community Fair Trade.

What bothers me:
1. The powder easily cracks when  you drop it even slightly, and it gets messy.

Tip: When you buy, at the counter, ask the SA to open the face base 
that you purchased to ensure that it is intact.

2. A bit pricey when not on sale.

Don't miss the chance to get big savings, drop by the nearest The Body Shop tomorrow!
Ask for the shade that match your skintone.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

Hey lovelies!

Got busy the past week, it's our little girl's exam this week. Since, I am her tutor, we devote the weekend for study.

I promised a review for my previous The Body Shop haul from here, and it's more than a week of product test drive. Here's my take on it.

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

a little product goes a long way

liquid foundation in 105

a dewy glow after blending

I like how the bottle  pump works. You can actually control how much of the product you wanted out of the bottle. For me, a small amount is enough to cover up my whole face, giving me a glow which doesn't look fake. Also, it's to be noted that it has SPF 30.

The foundation is very creamy and it glides and blend well into my skin.

It is important to choose the shade that will match your color.
The SA chose the perfect shade of 105 for me.

I use just a small amount so as not to make the product feel heavy in my skin. Using 1/3 of a pump, it gives me a lightweight feel that I can actually use everyday, which I have been doing for the past week. I've used it everyday and I haven't have any break out like I always do when I put other products aside from moisturizer and face powder.

A 28ml bottle is priced at php1,645. It is a little steep but I got mine for 50% off. And even with everyday use, it would take me months to use up the whole bottle

With a week of using, I am loving this product!

With TBS all-in-one face base in 035
I am a devote user of the all-in-one face base in 02. But the SA asked me to try the new 035 shade. Read about it here.

Hope this will help you ladies on your search for that perfect face coverage. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SALE Alert! Robinsons Place Iloilo

Hey lovelies, Robinsons Malls' Giant Sale is here!

Mark your calendar as it happens tomorrow at Robinsons Place Iloilo.
 Sale will be on October 19, 2012, up until 10 pm and 
regular mall hours on October 20-21, 2012. 
Great selections of up to 70% off will be offered.

Schedule of activities on the 3-day Giant Sale
For mall's schedule of activities for the month of October, 
checkout Robinsons Place Iloilo website here.

Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

Whoa! The "Seed" was intense!

The season premiere of The Walking Dead definitely did not disappoint.  
My heart is in my throat almost the whole  42 minutes of the show. 

From season 1, I think this is the episode with the most zombie kills. No shortage of walkers and gore as the cast have become more better at killing zombies. Even the traumatized young Carl, now has adapted to the environment and carries his own gun silencer. 

The characters have obviously been through an ordeal which left the discuss on morality of killing the walkers long gone. It's now more on about survival no matter how, coordinated killing of the walking dead.
And if you ask me, it made the premiere more bad ass  I mean, this is how I envision zombie apocalypse, human reclaiming the top of the food chain by being the aggressor with strategy.

I was startled when Hershel got bitten by a "resting zombie", which in the first place shouldn't be playing dead, if you ask me. But it only gave more intensity to the story line and more shock as Rick hacked off the old man's leg with the very much alive camper prisoners as audience. Ending the episode with one of the prisoners saying "Holy S**t!"

With that ending, I am so excited for the next episode!

Remember Michonne? 
Michonne is a sword wielding character with two arm hacked zombies in tow who mask off her scent to zombies and carries her bags. The two arm less zombies are actually Michonne's boyfriend Mike and bestfriend Terry.
She and Andrea have been sticking with each other in the past months.

I suggest you not miss this season. It will definitely be a more thrilling, bad ass, nerve racking and gory season.

And to leave you with episode 2's sneak peek

Monday, October 15, 2012

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

credits J.Co Facebook Page

I love sweets! Chocolates, cakes, ice cream, drinks with sweet,calories overload and of course, donuts!

I am always on the lookout for new yummy, sweets to try. I learned about J.CO months ago but I only got the chance to try it recently. J.CO's an Indonesian donut shop franchise with stores in Malaysia, China and Singapore. It's first store in the Philippines opened last March at SM Megamall,  last June at SM Mall of Asia and the third branch at Greenbelt 3 last July. It was a hit and still is!

Dropped by their SM MOA branch. Just look at the line I have to endure to get my paws to the hyped donuts! I was with my 2 niece, asked them to go malling and they came back after an hour and I'm yet to be served.

We got 6 dozens, my niece bought pasalubong for her Titas and Titos in Iloilo. Can't contain ourselves though, we devoured 1 box haha!

J.CO also offer fat free frozen yogurt and hot and iced coffee.
from J.Co Facebook Page

from J.Co Facebook Page
I skipped my favorite Cinnabon baked goods for these donuts.
I can only take as much calories for the weekend tehehe! It was a treat, my favorites are avocado di caprio and their best seller alcapone. Oh they also got J.Pops, a perfect baby size if you want to sample the wide variety of donuts J.CO offer.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

James Bond in Skyfall

Hey, hey! Lots of good movies this year end.
One of those I'm looking forward to is Skyfall, it will be the 23rd Bond film.

Daniel Craig will play the 007 agent for the third time. His first was Casino Royale, and second, Quantum of Solace.  Javier Bardem, a Spanish actor, will be the film's villain. You might have seen Bardem from No Country for Old Men and Eat Pray Love.

The film was directed by Sam Mendes whose previous works include The American Beauty, Road to Perdition and Jarhead.

It will be an action packed film, I have high hopes for this movie seeing the trailer alone. 

See what I mean? The awesome part for me, 2:17 where  Bond falls on a splitting train, regains his balance then fixes his cuffs. High level of coolness there!

A plus? Adele sings the James Bond theme.
The movie will be released in the Philippines on October 31, 2012.

Hmmm a movie date after trick or treating then! 

Think this movie's gonna be awesome, what do you think?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hauls: The Body Shop Big Sale!

I like it that The Body Shop have environmental sensitivity in creating the products that they sell.

I'm a fan for as long as I can remember and if my memory serve me right, when I started experimenting with make up, my first eye palettes, face powder, lippies were from TBS.

I got an invitation to join the exclusive LYB (Love Your Body) Give Joy Party in Megamall (Oct. 13), Trinoma (Oct. 19) or SM Mall of Asia (Oct. 20). It's a loyal members only party.

Regrettably, since I am a plane ride away from the venues, I stopped my self from leaping into the opportunity of meeting other LYB loyal members and getting huge discounts from would be purchases, I promise myself though to attend next time if the same invite will come  ;).

To console myself, here's our weekend haul, lovelies!
Shampoo and conditioner at the back, family essential;
the front row, mine. 
I can't fret since the nationwide sale is still on, TBS discount is very tempting, I dropped by Robinson's Place Iloilo earlier. Sale time is the perfect time to stock up on products that I/we use up fast.

shampoo php985 SALE! php492.50
conditioner php765 SALE! php382.50
Hubby and I love the rainforest shampoo and conditioner.
I was using the rainforest radiance when hubby tried and liked the shampoo's result on his hair.He ended up using up 'my' shampoo and I actually packed a bottle for him to bring to a 5-month work contract away from home.
We both like how our hair felt thicker yet soft at the same time. What really attracted me is that it has no harsh chemicals (I get that every 3 months from my salon visits, thank you very much). The bottle says no silicones, no sulphates, no colourants, no parabens.

As the bottle instruction say, you have to mix the product in the hand with water to create lather. It doesn't lather much, as I am guessing because of the few chemicals in the product. However, it really does leave my hair completely cleansed. It is also the mildest shampoo I ever tried. For best results, use it with the conditioner accompaniment.

Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist  php875
SALE! php525
My olive oil (courtesy of my niece) is still half full, but it is best to stock up on TBS product when it's on sale, read: big savings!

I remember this product used to be packed differently, it is in a long glass bottle which I find nice however this one is handy since I bring this mist everywhere! Ok, we are in a tropical country and sticky is what comes to mind when you hear oil, and it has 2 oils in its name...olive (1)oil dry (2)oil mist hehe (It's not for cooking too ladies), but it is so light to the skin

Used all over the body after shower, this is very moisturizing and it is absorbed by my skin swiftly. It has a very good smell too, none of the funky olive oil smell we use in the kitchen.

I think it is best used at night, I use this instead of lotion. But, I also carry the mist in my bag and when I feel my hand drying or cold, I rub this product on. I find the smell comforting.

That's all for now lovelies. I need to try out the Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation first before I tell you my take on it. Also, my favorite all in one face base has a new shade, watch out. 'Til next time!

Eye Mask php350
Before I go, bought this gel eye mask last week in Trinoma. It is very soothing, put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using. Package says it can also be soaked in hot water for a relaxing eye pampering (maybe i'll try it later).
It's a good buy especially for tired mommy eyes. Be sure to read the instructions before using.

Don't forget to drop by the nearest TBS, big sale still on going!

Lovely day! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sale Alert: The Body Shop

The Body Shop, Robinson's Place Iloilo
Hey lovelies! It's pre Christmas sale at The Body Shop!

I've been a looong time fan of the brand. My faves are their lip and cheek tint even way back when they are using the ball-like end applicator, I looove the all in one face base, the seasonal vanilla perfume, the strawberry body polish, the grape seed hair serum, the Spa Wisdom. Africa, hubby like their hair care...I could go on with the awesome range of products The Body Shop offer. But don't take my word on it, check it out yourself! :) Sale runs until October 25, 2012, nationwide.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Hauls with Review

Hi lovelies!
Another week passed, as promised, here's my weekend haul reveal and reviews. Hope you ladies find this informative.

make up haul, 3 lipsticks are free

Who doesn't love MAC!? Ladies have been raving about MAC products so, last weekend I got me some essentials. I've always been a The Body Shop advocate, I buy almost all my make up needs from them. They are actually on sale this month...ohh that would be another post and another haul. But my sis-n-law showed and made me use some of her MAC lippies, and I really liked them. So, off I get to know MAC. And these are the two products I purchased: Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and Pro Longwear Concealer. I wanted to buy the Russian Red lipstick but it's out of stock.
MAC Pro LongWear Concealer
A pump of the Pro Longwear Concealer, I am a NC20

Blending it, I like how it is a little runny, it is easy to blend and feels light weight.
After thorough blending, the concealer seemed to have been absorbed by my skin. Before I bought this product, 
I tried it in the MAC counter and I got same result at home.
It really felt lightweight and as my niece put it: 
"talagang kumakapit sa skin". And it really does. I guess that's how it became a longwear, it stays and absorbed by the skin. My first use, I applied the concealer then dust it with studio fix at 10am and we went home past 8 in the evening. So, that's a good 10 hours of products  staying power. I didn't have that uncomfortable feeling of a sticky   
concealer in my face as I am not used to using concealers or foundations.

my first Studio Fix

I like how this makes my face smooth, especially when used on top of the longwear concealer. I thought I would look pale in NC20 but this looks fine on me when I use it outside.
These two products are fabulous! I can't wait to get the lippies!
The newest MAC cosmetics counter is at SM Mall of Asia.

Shiseido The Make Up Eyelash Curler with free refill

I also got this eyelash curler. Since college, I've been using the same brand for curling my lash. I think my sister gave me my first Shiseido curlash. This one is meant to be used when you already have your make up. But with make up or none, I like using this. It curls my lashes beautifully and makes them appear longer. I don't use mascara often. I find my curled lashes stay curled longer even without a dab of mascara.

from my beautiful niece
L'Oreal Color Riche 111
Brown Stone
Avon Ultra Color Rich C300
Charged Cherry

I really want to get lipsticks from MAC however, the colors I asked for or describing are out of stock. Well, usually the beautiful palletes goes out of stock first. My niece was kind enough though to give me these new lipsticks for my smackers. She actually made me choose the colors I want from her collection. I can't thank her enough.

Revlon Matte 011
Stormy Pink

the swatches
Surprisingly, I love Avon's charged cherry. It glides beautifully as I am guessing it's a moisture rich lipstick.

Revlon is a true matte lipstick, which can be seen in the swatches, it is a barbie pink. It tends to make my lips dry but I found it best worn with a lip balm applied on the lips first. I use baby lips by Maybelline, the two paired, I find my lips more plump.

Brown Stone is beautiful too! And as I am going out to pick G from school, I am wearing this color. Could be mistaken as nude in one swipe. I find it to be moisturizing my lips as well.

Hope these reviews help you ladies out there.


The Phantom of the Opera Review

The Phantom of the Opera in Manila was so loved by the Filipinos that the show got extended for a month. Last Sunday, we watched the afternoon show since G is with me. I figure she'd fall asleep if we get the 8pm schedule. 

We arrived at CCP 5 minutes before the show. We were ushered to our seats and I am thankful that I chose a box seat, we got ourselves a little privacy. It is really nice to do things with a kid because they are so candid and honest. They will somehow make you see things in a new light and kids' excitement with new things are contagious.  G was all giggly with the new environment. She asks a lot of question that I have to tell her to keep it down as the show is about to start. 

The first 2 minutes, when the stage was revealed, G let out a moderately loud 'woooh', guess she was impressed then. I thought I would die, coz it was so quiet and her voice rang out loud. Children, they're forgivable. I have to instruct her again that during the show, we must not talk or applaud. 

I find the stage transition so smooth that I think some props just magically appear. The set is high tech. I keep hearing from nearby watchers how they can't get over how good the set transition is. I can vividly remember the acts that I really like because of the beautiful set. 

The boat scene, so high tech ad beautiful.

G let out a low tone "WOW!" during the masquerade song.

One can really tell that it's a world class production. The costumes, the set, the orchestra, the actors were nothing short of fabulous and glamorous! 

I got teary eye at the part where The Phantom's in a heart wrenching song when Christine left  him. Later on, G confided that she cried a little on that part too. Wow, she actually understood the story haha! 

We love every minute of the show and at curtain call, the actors were all well applauded. We were on a standing ovation for a good wrap. G was clapping so hard and so was I! The applause was so deafening that the curtains got hoisted three times for the actors to bow again. I was thinking I'd like to watch it with hubby next time. The show will close on October 14, 2012. Five days, lovelies, you can still catch it at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

After the Show:

me, G and nieces
After the show, the lobby's all bustling with the show goers taking pictures, buying souvenirs and raving about the show. We also took time to do those things. 
some costumes in display
We bought souvenirs as well; a poster, program and necklace for G.

We really had a great time!

Souvenirs you can buy at the CCP lobby:
Playbill/ souvenir program--P500

Silver mask necklace--P600
Stuffed bear--P800
White bone China mug--P500

Baby tees and t-shirts--P800 to - P1,000 each
Cap-- P500
Charm bracelet--P1,000
Enamel key rin-- P300
Enamel magnet--P300
Mask key ring--P400
Logo poster-- P200

Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera sequel) CD-- P750
Phantom mask--P800
Magic Phantom Mug--P500 (Mask appears when your pour in something hot)
Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall 25th Anniversary 2-CD--P750