Sunday, June 23, 2013

Buffet 101 International Cuisine (MOA)

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
MOA, SM By The Bay
June 13, 2013

Few days before hubby's set to go back to work, his joining port is in India, together with my equally voracious niece and nephews, we planned a last minute food indulgence. What better choice then than a buffet dinner.

Originally, we wanted to try Vikings, as my niece already tried it there, she swear by a great variety of good tasting food. However, when we got to Vikings, hoping that we would be accommodated as walk ins, we were nearly crushed when at 5 pm the waiting list is already long. So, we walked towards our second choice, Buffet 101. All the time joking, that our walk is a good exercise to prepare us for a feast!

Luckily, the five of us were accommodated. After our name's called,we were ushered to table 8 and our gastronomic experience, actually our first meal for the day started!

Scene outside, few minutes before the door opens at 5:30 pm for dinner.

My first click inside Buffet 101, I have to put this on as I unintentionally took the first "Five star hotel fee" photo.

Love the ceiling.
It was not too crowded on a Saturday for an early dinner when we went. However as it gets a little dark, more people pour in and reserved seats for 10-25 people are occupied. I noticed, walk ins are mostly 3-5 people. It's good that they're able to accommodate those who do not have reservations.

Tasted smoked prawn salad, loved it!

Wide selection of maki! I almost didn't eat rice, wanting to taste more of the maki. But, I felt full looking at the selection.
It's good to see that they instantly replenish their dishes and there are times when a certain food seemed untouched for a long time, it is replaced by a new batch


The empty plate is my fave shake sashimi, it is almost always empty (luckily, I always get to be the first served with the sashimi&tempura) just wait a few minutes and it is replenished, same with the ebi tempura. 

They also have pizza, sisig pizza is a must try.

Of course, dessert! On the other side is the ice cream and candy corner.
leche flan, mousse and cake squares

The drinks area.
            It's eat and drink all you can, so just feel free to choose from the Pepsi products juices and shakes. Of course, I got my coffee served.

Free flowing wine.

You can have your noodles cooked with your choice of toppings.

meat, cooked by order

My first plate :) obviously, I love Japanese food and I love shrimp! And though I'm slightly allergic, it didn't stop me to get some. Also, on my first serving is my ultimate favorite shake sashimi! Yum!

See another shake and tempura?

Kuya's one time trip to the buffet table. 

Nephew's chicken and mini burger plate.

Of course, we saved dessert for last. But I was actually of thinking to eat desserts first. However, when I saw the Japanese food selection, I dived in. We took plates of desserts for the five of us.

We love these dessert drinks in a shot glass.

For the 5 of us, we're pretty much full by dessert time!

Nope, not for our table. That night at least 3 guest celebrated their birthday at Buffet 101. They were serenaded by the wait people with a birthday song and this birthday plate. By the way, when you celebrate your birthday there, your plate is free!

The happy group!

Well, that's all lovelies! We spent more than three hours at Buffet 101, talking and eating. If you want to catch up with your family or friends, the ambiance and food is certainly great! Also, if you don't mind to ruin your diet once in a while, Buffet 101 is the place! We enjoyed our stay, the staff were always smiling and accommodating. The wide variety of food will keep you entertained :).
So, it is really a "Five Star Hotel Feel" after all!

1. If you can, have a reservation
     Although we were accommodated as walk ins, it's best to have a reservation. It can get really crowded.

2. Have a light meal all through out the day before dining at Buffet 101.
     We woke up past lunch time and let ourselves hold out with light food as we are decided to go.
     That way we didn't feel much guilt for over indulging, anyway it's just once in a while.

3. Wear loose clothing.
     I actually felt my tummy grow hahaha, be prepared!

4. Pay in cash.
     A 5% discount for cash payment.

Buffet 101

Building K, SM By The Bay, Sunset Boulevard

Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Saturday, June 22, 2013

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Price: around Php1000
Available in MAC counters: SM MOA, New Eastwood Mall, Trinoma, 
Glorietta 2, Powerplant Mall, Ayala Center Cebu
Finish: Matte

I am so in love with this lipstick right now! Even before I got this, I was already a fan of it's name alone. My hubby and I play an online game and I would name my character 'LadyDanger'. 
He liked it too, so I go on explaining where I got the name then moments later, 
informed him that I should get the Lady Danger lipstick. 'Style!' haha

all sweaty, fresh from the box :)
 I love its orangey red tone. It actually is orange when I put it on, on some it has a hint of red, 
but on me, totally orange.

See. It looked like I swatched a Morange. 

Lady Danger is one of those cult products which I'm sure most of 
you already heard about or maybe using.
But it doesn't get much hype as the other reds, Ruby Woo and Russian Red
I'll compare the three shades next time.

in natural light, i still don't have the courage to put up my mug shot haha

I so love Lady Danger because it reminded me of an orange lippy I got way back in college. It was a hand me down from my sister, I was literally scraping the tube because I like the color a lot, the tube was already faded so no way for me to know what I'm wearing plus I'm actually a late bloomer 
on the make up section.
I didn't care what I wear  
back then haha!

This color is adorable! Even hubby approve, he never fail to notice when I have Lady Danger on. I actually get compliments not on the lip color alone, friends would notice how it brighten my face and how I look fresh. Apart from that, another important thing is it is not drying, it is as moisturizing as Russian Red even though it's a matte finish.

5 hours after, had light snack, no retouch
Lady Danger stays on for a good 5 hours. I don't know how the color turned a pretty pink on my lips at the end of the day, maybe it's because of the lighting. Just to show you ladies, 
the staying power of  this lipstick.

I so adore Lady Danger. It has a good vanilla smell, not drying, has a good staying power, a very flattering shade for my skin tone. MAC truly knows how to make good lipstick! 
My heaven in a bullet tube ;) I can't ask for more!

I recommend Lady Danger if you like orange toned lip color and 
if you don't mind your lips stealing the show!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

MAC Russian Red Lipstick

MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

Price: around Php1000.00
Available in MAC counters: SM MOA, New Eastwood Mall, Trinoma, 
Glorietta 2, Powerplant Mall, Ayala Center Cebu
Finish: Matte

This is the MAC lipstick that started it all, my love of the brand, that is.
This is also, my very first MAC lipstick purchase after reading lots of praises and gushes.

A classic red lipstick is a must have for us ladies, and this one is my classic. I've been using the Russian Red religiously for the past months. And it didn't disappoint me at anytime. It brightens up my face, and gives me that made up look even if it's just the lipstick that I have on.
A real stand-out-from-the-crowd color which will get you noticed.
This is my ultimate favorite red lipstick, promise!

Russia Red pulls a blue-based red on most skin tones, very flattering.  
It was launched way back in the 80's. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, 
Christina Aguilera and Dita Von Teese, have sworn their love for this gorgeous lippy.
 And I swore mine too! An absolute staple to my expanding MAC collection. 

My often used and 'abused' Russian Red :)

1. Very pigmented. Even and vivid coverage with one application.
2. Creamy and moisturizing, glides easily when applied despite the matte finish.
3. Lasts long. Will last for hours, minimal fading, little to no retouching for hours; thus
4. Ok price for a high quality cosmetic.
5. Vanilla smell, yum!

I love this product! The only con is, when hubby wants a kiss he hesitates, this definitely transfers hahaha! 

I say, this is a must have red lipstick for us lovelies!