Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts! beats. by dr. dre.

Beats by Dr. Dre solo HD red special edition! This is one gift I truly love. 
I was eyeing a Hed Kandi and felt lucky that I got beats!
This solo HD headphones' light and is foldable, making it small enough to fit in my purse.

monster beats box, very well packaged

Opening the box, carrying case is revealed with the beats folded away, also its cleaning cloth, booklet and headphone wire. Although folded, I wouldn't call it portable as it is a traditional hifi headphones you would not use for a jog or exercise. This gift is best company for a run.

One thing I like about beats solo is it is not humongous, I can actually use it and not look like I'm trying hard to be cool teenager. The cord is not permanent, and probably you can replace it once damaged. Also, it is not battery operated  and it can run even with an iPod shuffle. 

could be extended for better grip on head

The first few hours that I used the monster beats, I was hooked. I now know why they named it Beats! That is if your music quality is good, I find it a very compatible headphones for a certain type of music like bass heavy raps and songs also with modern pop. However I find Beats render very clear sound to the point that you can hear nuance, I hear little details in a song that I've never heard while just listening from a speaker or other headphones.  But this also means that the over all quality of the product is good if I could hear those subtle nuances.

Safe to say I love my monster beats and I'm bringing it anywhere! 
As hubby put it, I was on a sound trip when I started using Beats!

Whatever your type of music, a good headphone's an investment you'll surely appreciate!
Til next time, lovelies!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Allan's Original Talabahan

With hubby's sudden coming home on the 24th of December, I wasn't really prepared  both with my beauty routines (winkz!) for his coming home and all the celebration and everyday eating out.

Today, we decided to have seafood. In Iloilo, seafood are abundant and cheap! One of the many known seafood restaurant in Iloilo is Allan's Talabahan. They used to be housed in an old hut like place where we ate once, having experienced a bad service, we didn't come back until last week. We found it nestled in a new location, improved, and with a better service.

The new Allan's Original Talabahan
Ok, I'm on a diet, really! Hubby's considerate too and we try to limit our food order when we go out. I even ask him to remind me of my diet haha!

of course, the 'sinamak' and soy sauce 

Talaba (oyster)
My favorite, liver! can't wait ate 2 sticks before I took the pics.
I would come back to Allan's for this alone and of course, for the baked oyster!

Allan's famous baked oyster
Look at how big this oyster is!
We also love the 'adobado'

hubby's choice, grilled belly tangigue

We spent less than 500php, and we were so full! I told hubby, this will be the next venue for my pig out session with my sisters.

improved interior
wash area
or you can choose to eat outside

across the road of Allan's, the new Gaisano Capital
Allan's is situated at the national road of Oton. you will hardly miss it especially now that it is in front of the new Oton Gaisano Capital.

Even outside the city limit, Allan's is worth the trip. Good food at prices that anyone can afford.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Gifts! Incanto Bloom

I love Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Fragrances! Bought and used up the 
Charms, Shine and Heaven. 
So when I received the Incanto Bloom, I was so happy!


The box and the bottle is beautiful! I think a lot of girls are guilty of buying a perfume just because of the packaging, especially when the bottle is too pretty to resist. That's been true with the Incanto line of Salvatore Ferragamo. However, this perfume ( and the other variants) is past the fresh and cute visual effect  with it's modern vera bow. Case in point: when I wear this, hubby compliment how good I smell!  I'm trying to stick on a signature scent, been using Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, but of course I can't say no to free perfumes, who can anyway?

What I like about this scent is has a tea like scent (like Elizabeth Arden) with rose as a big player, it comes off as floral fruity. What I do is spray some on my palm and pat it on my neck and hair. So the smell will be straight from my hair and my hands, which hubby often kiss and compliment me on how good they smell! Also, it has a long staying power, maybe more than 8 hours (but I often respray). I guess this would be a nice fragrance to use on rainy and cold days since I notice when it's dry outside, the smell seem to reek. I'd still use the green tea on warm days.

That's it for now ladies, hopefully I'll receive lots of gifts to share reviews with you. :)
Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 7, 2012

My First Free Sample from Sample Room

Hi lovelies!
I got my first ever free sample from the Sample Room. It is the 50ml Kerastase Oleo-relax Fluid. 
You can check out how to get free samples and how Sample Room works here. When Sample Room was launched,  they introduced 5 samples. I would love to have each and every sample, but let's not be greedy, haha! But really, all the samples are a real treat, I wanna try them all!

I opted to go with a hair care sample though since I am having problems with my hair lately. It being too long and my resistance with my stylist's advice to cut 2 inches from it. Hubby would be home soon and I wanted him to see my almost-at-waist length hair. :)

My hair's colored and it is recolored every three months when my roots start to show. So, one can imagine the chemicals my hair is exposed to. However, for the most part, I've been very lucky to maintain a somewhat healthy hair until lately when I experimented with different salons. My hair became brittle and dry at its end. To alleviate my hair situation, I use deep conditioning and home treatment with the use of hair repair products, before I visit the salon come January 2013, next month.

So, when I came home this evening and found the package waiting for me, I was excited! I remember the best hair I got was when I used Kerastase products. It was way back looong ago. It was expensive though and not readily available, you have to order from the salon. 

The package was delivered to our home via LBC. Sample Room paper bag was inside a blue plastic and the product itself was wrapped in a bubble plastic.

I paid php130 courier fee. 
Not bad, to spend 130pesos for a 50ml hair leave in and it's Kerastase y'all!

I know it's premature for a review but the smell alone, I'm already loving it. I don't know if it is because of the earlier treatment of my hair why it's feeling extra soft and smooth or because of the few pumps of the oleo-relax. I'll put this product into a 2-day test before putting a review at the Sample Room. You can visit and read reviews there.

Other free samples that were up for grabs on the Sample Room launching were the following:
Shu Uemura Whitefficient Clear
Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil

Kiehl's Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua For Women
Benefit The POREfessional

See, all five are a winner! I really like Sample Room's concept, Try Before You Buy. 
I'm seeing myself trying more sample sized products first before committing to a big buy. 
So, ladies, don't wait too long, register now!

Til the next sample!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sample Room-Try Before You Buy

OK, I know I just made a boxed brands reveal here. But Sample Room is a whole lot different. The samples are absolutely free, you only have to pay for shipping. As their tagline goes, Try Before You Buy.

Of course, it's a no no to spend our hard earned money on buying the full sized products. But one too many times, we did just that given no other option. And we often ended up with an expensive bottle of a certain product we can't use because it gave us break outs or it just didn't work well with our skin.

Sample Room is the first ever sampling site to hit the Philippines. They bank on the the power of free product sampling. You can sample a product first before committing to a full size purchase. Isn't that great?

You don’t need to:
1. Take a risk at a full-sized product that may not work for you or may give you an allergic reaction
2. Rely on reviews alone that might not jive with your skin type (as you get to try the product yourself)
3. Waste money on a product that might not work for you.

You will be able to:

1. Patch-test, and road-test the product you are interested in purchasing- if the product suits you and works well with your skin
2. Experience the product, and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for you
3. Read reviews from consumers who have the same skin type as yours
4. Enjoy your purchase, as it is a well-researched and well-informed purchase. Definitely value for your money!

So how does Sample Room work?

So, lovelies what are you waiting for? Visit the Sample Room website here and subscribe.
You can also follow them at facebook and twitter.

Again, don't forget to subscribe at Sample Room, 
sampling will be done very sooooon! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Belle de Jour (BDJ) Unboxing and Brands Reveal

Hey lovelies! Been out of the radar for a while, busy with all the errands and I've been down with flu lately.
But what better way for a pick me up than a gift box received at the first day of December!
I received my BDJ Box, December 1, 2012. I was thinking, 'Wow, I'd probably receive lots of gifts this holidays, I started the month with one.' haha! Of course, this one's a gift I bought myself LOL.

Aren't we ladies glad that beauty boxes are now abundant in the Philippines. These are gift boxes you can subscribe to monthly. Among the newly introduced are the Saladbox, Glamourbox and the one I subscribed to, the Belle de Jour (BDJ). Check out their website, girls!

It was really a treat receiving the package, I can't wait to rip open the courier plastic and see what's in store for me this month. Part of the excitement of having the box delivered, is the surprise of products that you will get. Most are in sample/small sizes you can use to try first before buying the bigger sizes for use if you like the sample.

So, with the long intro, here's what I got from the box!

See, it really felt like Christmas! The box contained 10 brands/ 12 items to try, 5 stickers (I would give to my niece), and gift cards.  For the price of P480, it was worth it. The first item that caught my eyes were the L'Occitane soap, I took home same sized bar from Sofitel when we stayed there hihi! I really like collecting hotel bathroom freebies. Hubby would shake his head and laugh when I gather the hotel's bathroom items and replace it with what we use at home.

The brands/products:
Nippon Facial Cleansing
Sponge (2pcs)
Just add water, it will wipe away your make up. 
If used daily with your facial wash, it will slough off dead skin.
Php325 for 10pc pack
The secret of make up mavens!

Physiogel Hypoallergenic
Intensive Cream (50ml)
For moderately dry to very dry skin. 
Will lock in moisture for 3 days even with washing.
Hey, hey, a full size sample!
Php517 for 50ml
Say bye bye to itch and dry!

Garnier Light SPF 17 (8ml)
Moisturizes, brightens, whitens and evens out the skin tone.
Php120 for 40ml

Garnier Overnight  Whitening
Peeling Cream (20ml)
An overnight whitening peeling cream which will reveal fresh and fairer skin in the morning.
Another full size sample!
Php99 for 20ml

L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic
Multi-Action 8 Cleanser (5ml)
One of Men's Health's Singapore's 2011 
Best Product for Face. With vitamin C, caffeine and magnesium 
to boost hydration and beat fatigue.
No price included, but it would be a perfect try out gift for my nephew.

Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes (35 sheets)
Acetone free wipes to remove the nail polish. Non-drying and no cotton needed! 
Another full size sample.
Php68 for 35 wipes
Perfect for your kikay kit!

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist
24 Night Emulsion (15ml)
Will visibly reduce wrinkles and promote silky smooth skin.
Php3100 for 50ml
Defy aging!

L'Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap (25g)
Soft, delicate, clean scent which is unlike any other.
Php595 for 250g
Staff favorite!

Dentiste Nighttime Herbapeutic
 (sample size)
Laboratory proven to inhibit nighttime bacteria for fresh morning breath.
no price included 
Feel the difference the morning after!

Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume (1.2ml)
A sophisticated scent, will evoke sheer confidence and beauty.
Php5498 for 100ml

Aside from the above products, the box also included the following:

Strip Upperlip wax gift card
I/You make things beautiful stick ons

Gift Cards from Shiseido, L'occitane and Azta Urban Salon 
There you have it, ladies. All the samples for only Php480. Well, if you are like me who enjoy trying on beauty products, this is an enjoyable experience. Also, I tend to purchase products and not use the whole thing up so, this is actually beneficial as well. On the other hand, if you are already using some of the samples or don't like it, you can always ask a girl friend or sister to try them. I'm sure, they will be happy to receive samples too!

Want to receive a monthly gift box too? Visit BDJ here.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Les Miserables - pass the tissue, please.

I love musicals, I say it time and time again. Ok, I'm a frustrated singer. But when I can (mostly, when I'm alone) I belt out songs which have the lyrics memorized to a tee. My playlist are a mixed of old and new songs. Dear Hubby even said that before a song gets frequent airplays, we are already tired of hearing it coz I got it on replay for quite some time before it gets famous, and where am I getting the songs? :) Even at the casa, the workers would comment that our playlist is good. Hmmm so, they've been tweaking our car stereo...

Anyway, enough about my love of music.

Aren't we glad a movie adaptation of the musical Les Miserables will be out soon? By soon I mean 2013. The movie will be released last week of December 2012, and I'm guessing it will be shown the next year , January, because of the MMFF. 

I was so ecstatic chancing upon the trailer above months ago. I even asked G to watch the trailer with me, twice haha! It just gave me chills and I got teary eyed, was thinking I should bring a box of tissue when we watch it.

What more can you ask for? A good plot, an intricately detailed set by the looks of it, an emotionally arousing music delivered by the superb cast. Anne Hathaway, G and I have been a fan since her Princess Diaries days. But have you seen her sing at Ella Enchanted? We love her rendition of Somebody To Love and she host the Oscars, you should check it out too, and she raps at a Conan O'Brien show. She's a delight. And yes, she also helped Hugh Jackman at opening The Oscars years back. It was a dream to see Hugh Jackman sing! You should really take a look at him opening The Oscars at 2009. You'll take a first glimpse at Jean Valjean and Fantine

In the clip, we are briefly treated to Amanda Seyfield's innocent schoolgirl voice. Although, I think some of us can't wait Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha baron Cohen's takes on their characters. Also, Russell Crowe is a welcome addition. The movie is directed by Tom Hooper whose work includes the multi awarded The King's Speech.

An extended firstlook at the movie:

So, the actors have the freedom to sing live which I think will do lots of good to the movie since they will have a chance to give more emotion to the the songs rather than just lip-sync it from a pre-recorded audio. This I believe,gave the trailer's opening song full of emotion.

I haven't read the book, someone told me Les Mis is one of the longest novels written. But I've checked Les Miserables at Wiki to give myself a heads up on what to expect. It is a five volume plot. Tragic and sad, I really should bring the tissue come showing day! With the beautiful story and characters life span length, the movie better be over 2 hours!

Now, on my wishlist, a Les Miserables book to collect! =)

Les Miserables is written by Victor Hugo, he also wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame which have been adapted to movie by Disney; which I remembered watching at the big screen when I was still in high school!

I'm so looking forward for this movie! You too?
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bearland Paradise Resort

Finally, we were able to visit Bearland Paradise Resort in Tigbauan, Iloilo. Though a mere 20 minutes drive from the city, we often put off going to the resort. I mean, if we want to swim at the pool, we can just walk to the clubhouse hehe! And with their room prices, we might as well drive to Boracay. But, midday today, I finally persuaded myself and my sis to visit the paradise resort. So off we go after G's dance class, 2:30pm.

located at Brgy. Tanpael Tigbauan, Iloilo

Going to the resort is easy, Tigbauan is the second town from the city of Iloilo after Oton. Once in Tigbauan, it is hard to miss Bearland Paradise Resort, just have your companion have an eye at the left side of the road, after Sol Y Mar, slowdown as few meters after, you will see the Bearland sign which will direct you to pass by a rough road. Follow the rough road until you reach the cemented area, you will not miss the resort. If you're feeling any doubt, just ask a local, like we did, they'll surely point you to the resort's entrance. 

I wondered why the driveway was narrow, it turned out, it is used for passenger drop off to the reception area, their parking lot is outside the resort.  As we are there for an afternoon swimming only, we went directly to the resort and paid the fees at the reception area. I called in the morning though to inquire if the place is open for public that day. You never know, there may be a private event =).

Reception (at night)
At the reception area, the kids are excited!

Upon arrival, we paid the entrance and swimming fees.

After paying, we were accompanied by a staff to the poolside where the tables and chairs are. There's just one family at that time, and the place felt private. The kids hurriedly changed to their swim wear and enjoyed the two pools and jacuzzi.  

Ladies CR/Changing Room

There are no showers at the changing room. At the right is the common shower area.

While the kids are enjoying, my sis and I walked around and took photos. The staffs are courteous and they greet you every time. They are also non imposing and let you wander around except on the overnight accommodation area.

G enjoying the fountain at the kiddie pool
loungers by the adult pool
Even with our kids on the water, we felt secured leaving them since the pools are shallow especially the kiddie ones. The adult pool is only 4 feet deep as well. But supervision is still important. 

lounger and sunken bar 
Walkway beside the pool, good place to witness the sun set.
Bearland at night.
We love the afternoon and evening at the resort. Bearland is a good place to laze around and relax. You can order drinks and food, watch the beach and horizon turn beautifully as the sun set. Afterwards, take a dip at the pool or enjoy the jacuzzi. I think we were lucky that we went in a day that there are few guests around. It felt like we have the resort for ourselves!

Will we come back? Yes! The kids enjoy the place and the adults were able to lounge around and enjoy too!

Going home, I suggest not to turn back to the rough road, especially if you leave the resort at night. We left at around 7pm. Drive straight and when you are at the end of the road, turn left and follow the traffic which will bring you to the main road. We didn't bother to ask for direction as I figure, a lot of traffic only mean that we are going to the highway. Ask around though if you are in doubt, the people of Tigbauan will surely direct you, it is unlikely to get lost in a small town :).

The Rates:

General Admission – Php 250/pax
Children 3-10 yrs old - P150/pax
Sun Lounger – Php100

Package Cottage Rental:

Php 2,200.00
Good for 5 includes:
P600.00 food consumable
Bamboo cottage or Tables &chairs
Access to all ameneties

Php 3,600.00
Good for 10 includes:
Entrance and swimming
P1000.00 food consumable
Bamboo cottage or Tables &chairs
Access to all ameneties

Php 4,500.00
Good for 15 includes:
P1,200.00 food consumable
Bamboo cottage or Tables &chairs
Access to all ameneties

Php 5,200.00
Good for 20 includes:
P1,500.00 food consumable
Bamboo cottage or Tables &chairs
Access to all ameneties

Note: All packages does not allow outside food and drinks. Corkage and fees apply.
Extra child entrance: P100   Extra adult: P200

Table with chairs and umbrellas:
Good for 4 persons – Php300
Good for 6 persons – Php400
Good for 8 persons – Php600
Table with chairs (canopy) – Php1,000

Bamboo at beach:
Group of up to 8 persons – Php1,500/day
Group of up to 20 persons – Php2,200/day
Cottage wood up to 20 persons - Php2,300/day

Note:Cottage price does not include consumables nor use of all resort amenities

Cabana Accommodation:
One bedroom good for 2 persons – Php5,500
(Including breakfast for 2 & use of all resort amenities)
Two bedroom good for 4 persons – Php7,500
(Including breakfast for 2 & use of all resort amenities)
Additional bed - P600
Bungalow Accommodation:
Inclusion: kitchen and use of all resort amenities 
Two bedroom -P10,000
One bedroom in double storey house house good for 2 – Php6,100
Deluxe villa for 6 – Php22,500
Luxury villa (family suite for 8) - P24,500

*includes all use od Resort Ameneties
Pre-Nuptial Package with snacks and drinks (Good for 6 pax) – Php6,000
Exclusivity for venues up to 150 persons – Php35,000

Contact Info:

Telephone: (033) 3330748
Globeline: (033)5118016
GLOBE: 09178292327
SMART: 09186297840