Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crocs Supersale 70% off

Last Friday  I had my every 3 months hair color appointment. I left home early, 9:30 am, so I can finish early to get G for her dance class. I arrived at Plazuela a little before 10 am and I got a little puzzled with the full parking lot. As in, FULL! and it usually don't get full even on busy Saturday nights. I spot a parking space near La Tolda, and if you visit Plazuela, it is awfully far from the main building. Then I saw this sign along with I think near to a hundred people lining up to get inside La Tolda. It was the first day of the sale!

I'm not really a Croc girl, don't own one pair, be it original or fake haha! But I got a little tempted to join the line...only if I didn't have an appointment. So, I turned towards the opposite direction and went to the salon. Got the works done, and from time to time, the salon people would gasp at the sight of shoppers carrying 2 to 4 bags of Crocs footwear. Dang! I really should have checked La tolda out! But I'm not that remorseful. After a while, my sis texted  to meet me up. Actually, I texted her about the sale, and thus, she wanted to meet up, I guess. To make the long story short, after the salon and filling lunch at Steps of Rome, I was so famished at 2pm, I wasn't able to take pics of the yummy foods we ordered, we joined in the throng of people waiting to get inside the tent a little before 3pm. Told my sis though, I don't think I'll be buying anything, maybe just for G. And I'm just curious how it looks like inside the tent.
We are in the middle of the line, so imagine 30-40 people lining behind us. I only have my phone with me to
take the pictures, so I wasn't able to give the whole line justice.

After 30 minutes or so, we saw the entrance fee sign. I was actually giddy, so was the girls near us. I can feel their energy hahaha! We got in and it was chaos. We were handed striped plastic bag (which we decline). The section was divided into kids, male and female area displays, of course with the female area dominating almost half of the place. There were 6 cash registers, I guess. I was busy rummaging through all the footwear, that I forgot to snap pictures I only got this one, so you can imagine how it's like, and I was a little shy to take snaps with my phone haha!

In the end, we only stayed for about an hour since we have to hurry home to get G for her ballet class. It was a little too crowded for us and we got a little overwhelmed with the selections too, plus I'm saving for some serious shopping next week. You see, my heart was not really there. But I tell you, the prices were rock bottom for some footwear. See what my sis got: 

original price php1,850 SALE! price php555
sis got this for  G: original price php2,155 SALE! price php 299

G loved what tita gave her that she wore it to class that afternoon. I happen to pass by the area again earlier, the line isn't that long anymore. I'm having thoughts of maybe checking the sale out again. Maybe get more for G hmmmm... 

If you wanna score Crocs at sale prices, you can still catch it tomorrow, their last day at La Tolda, Plazuela de Iloilo, 10am-7pm.

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