Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera Review

The Phantom of the Opera in Manila was so loved by the Filipinos that the show got extended for a month. Last Sunday, we watched the afternoon show since G is with me. I figure she'd fall asleep if we get the 8pm schedule. 

We arrived at CCP 5 minutes before the show. We were ushered to our seats and I am thankful that I chose a box seat, we got ourselves a little privacy. It is really nice to do things with a kid because they are so candid and honest. They will somehow make you see things in a new light and kids' excitement with new things are contagious.  G was all giggly with the new environment. She asks a lot of question that I have to tell her to keep it down as the show is about to start. 

The first 2 minutes, when the stage was revealed, G let out a moderately loud 'woooh', guess she was impressed then. I thought I would die, coz it was so quiet and her voice rang out loud. Children, they're forgivable. I have to instruct her again that during the show, we must not talk or applaud. 

I find the stage transition so smooth that I think some props just magically appear. The set is high tech. I keep hearing from nearby watchers how they can't get over how good the set transition is. I can vividly remember the acts that I really like because of the beautiful set. 

The boat scene, so high tech ad beautiful.

G let out a low tone "WOW!" during the masquerade song.

One can really tell that it's a world class production. The costumes, the set, the orchestra, the actors were nothing short of fabulous and glamorous! 

I got teary eye at the part where The Phantom's in a heart wrenching song when Christine left  him. Later on, G confided that she cried a little on that part too. Wow, she actually understood the story haha! 

We love every minute of the show and at curtain call, the actors were all well applauded. We were on a standing ovation for a good wrap. G was clapping so hard and so was I! The applause was so deafening that the curtains got hoisted three times for the actors to bow again. I was thinking I'd like to watch it with hubby next time. The show will close on October 14, 2012. Five days, lovelies, you can still catch it at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

After the Show:

me, G and nieces
After the show, the lobby's all bustling with the show goers taking pictures, buying souvenirs and raving about the show. We also took time to do those things. 
some costumes in display
We bought souvenirs as well; a poster, program and necklace for G.

We really had a great time!

Souvenirs you can buy at the CCP lobby:
Playbill/ souvenir program--P500

Silver mask necklace--P600
Stuffed bear--P800
White bone China mug--P500

Baby tees and t-shirts--P800 to - P1,000 each
Cap-- P500
Charm bracelet--P1,000
Enamel key rin-- P300
Enamel magnet--P300
Mask key ring--P400
Logo poster-- P200

Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera sequel) CD-- P750
Phantom mask--P800
Magic Phantom Mug--P500 (Mask appears when your pour in something hot)
Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall 25th Anniversary 2-CD--P750

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