Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Body Shop All-in-one Face Base

I've been using The Body Shop products for more than ten years and my personal favorite is it's All-in-one Face Base in 02. What I like about this face base is it's light to medium coverage, indeed, I feel like having my own face, only better. It is also a convenient on the go compact which includes sponge and mirror.

Once my sister saw me using this, she tried it, then asked me if she could have it na lang! 
She ended up with my trusted compact.
photo from TBS UK

Week ago, I dropped by the only TBS store in Iloilo City, located at the 2nd floor Robinsons Place to get my face powder since mine is running out. I always buy 2 face base for back up :). When I come around the shop to buy I asked for 02 but the SA told me it's out of stock. I opted for 03 then she introduced the new all-in-one face base shade  the 035 which she said is a good match to my skin. (I think this is the new 02)

03 and 035 shades (with flash)

my about to run out 02, 03 and the new 035 shade
There's a little shade difference on the 02 and 03 but the new shade 035, 
one can notice it to be pinkish.

035 shade up close
I've been using the new shade and it really is a much better match compared to the 02 shade I've been using. The problem with having 3 shades on hand is the mental fight on which one to use haha! I always ended up using the new shade.

All-in-one face base retail for php1425. A bit pricey that's why I get mine whenever it is on sale, mine was both at 50% off. At regular price, with LYB card, it can be availed at 10% discount. Which reminds me tomorrow is the last day of the pre-holiday sale buffet!

What I like about the All-in-one Face Base:
1.Blends seamlessly with my skin tone with a smooth, matte finish.
--as the product description say: have the skin that looks like yours, only better.

2. The whole look and convenience. A mirror separates the sponge from the product.

3. Dermatologically tested and with vitamin E.

4. Uses ingredients from Community Fair Trade.

What bothers me:
1. The powder easily cracks when  you drop it even slightly, and it gets messy.

Tip: When you buy, at the counter, ask the SA to open the face base 
that you purchased to ensure that it is intact.

2. A bit pricey when not on sale.

Don't miss the chance to get big savings, drop by the nearest The Body Shop tomorrow!
Ask for the shade that match your skintone.


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