Thursday, November 8, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection

Hi lovelies!

Yesterday, my OPI Skyfall Collection arrived. I was so excited  but it took me a day 
before opening the package, was a little busy. And yes, nail polish swatches can wait. =)    

It was a pre-order item, I waited more than a week before it got delivered.                                                       

Received my nail lacquers. Packaging was good, wrapped in a bubble plastic to avoid breakage. Ordered the OPI from here. You could check the online shop out, I'm sure you ladies will love the wide range of beauty products they sell. I still have reservations in using my credit card for online purchases, good thing you can pay Digital Traincase  though bank deposit and Gcash. I opted to pay cash through BPI, after paying, an acknowledgement will be sent to your email.

OPI Mini Skyfall Collection
The OPI relesead nail polish inspired by the Bond films, Skyfall in particular. I got The Bondettes  mini nail lacquers. I thought it would be a good collection I could bring anywhere. 
3.75ml minis out of the box

The Swatches:

 1995 Pierce Brosnan

GoldenEye is bright yellow golden 
glitter.1st coat, I thought it is a nice light wear, on the 3rd coat, I was ecstatic! It glittered beautifully in my nails. Only, when removed, the glitter spread on my hands. But still, I love it! In real life, this shimmer is a sight to behold, I just can't get a good shot.

The Spy Who Loved Me
1977 Roger Moore
The Spy Who Loved Me is bright red infused with ultra fine gold glitters. I love red polish that when I opened the box, I tried this first (notice my long nails which was shortened afterwards) and slept with it haha! One coat could easily pass as the formula was good, but 2 coats is the best, romantic finish.

The World Is Not Enough
1999 Pierce Brosnan
The World Is Not Enough is rosy silver with pink shimmer. I love this one too and I can't seem to capture how beautiful the color is. But in real life, the shimmer is really pretty. Two coats is nice enough but like the GoldenEye, you'll love the shimmer on the 3rd coat!

Live and Let Die
1973 Roger Moore
Live and Let Die is jet black with green shimmer. I love this one too, the formula is pretty amazing that a single coat is enough. I used one coat on the photo at the right, and it's good to go!

Which one is my favorite? Hmmm GoldenEye, I can't stop looking at my nails haha! BUT, I'd say I love all the shades! It's not often to get great colors on nail lacquer sets. However, I'm pretty sure, the ladies will love each and every color on the mini set. I don't usually use up a bottle of polish, I'm feeling I'm gonna use the 4 Skyfall minis in the next months til it's all gone. :)

I promise, the photos do not do justice on how beautiful these lacquers are on my nails. 

Til next review, ladies!

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