Monday, September 17, 2012

Zoobles Sale!

We love Zoobles!
Zoobles are like Bakugan. I say, they are Bakugan for girls.They are these cute zoo animals that "Spring to life!" as their tag line say. And it really does, it is surprisingly entertaining even for me and G's titas.  It's really fun to play with. Zoobles live in a world Zooble Isle and are divided into different collectible regions, there are more than 400 of them and the number is growing! They roll up into balls and spring to life once it comes into contact with its special home called 'Happitat'.
G got her first set as a prize for finishing grade 1. ☺☺
Birthday Party Set Around P1,500 ($36)
Includes 1 Playset, 1 Exclusive Zooble, 1 Mini Zooble
Accessories: 1 Boat, 1 Elevator, 2 Balloons, 1 Gift, 2 Party Hats, 1 Table, 1 Birthday Cake
party set out of the box
We wanted to have more of the cutesy animals to join our party but I find it a little pricey, ranging P350-550 a piece.So, imagine our joy when we drop by Toy Kingdom earlier, they were on sale! Of course, I got a little gaga over it. When G chose just one, I urged her to get more.
This is what we got:

Original price P349.75 SALE! P99.75 ($2.40)
We chose Hooter and Buzzabelle
Original price P549.75 SALE! P199.75 ($4.80)
We chose Furly, Walker, Clementine and Miss Ruby
Here they are, out of the box. Aren't they cute!?

Our new lot!
G can't wait to play. She asks me to hurry with the photo op LOL!
I think we'll go back to the store tomorrow and get more Zoobles!
It's a good bargain, right? 

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