Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dipping in again!

So long ago, I dipped my feet into blogging. Random ramblings and musings, I never really had a clear vision on what I wanted my blog site’s turn out should be or how it would serve me, just compulsive writing. Then things got crazy and I got busy.  Dear hubby (DH) gave me a little business, we had a house construction and G, our little princess, is on her way to preschool and before I knew it, I’m already driving her to grade school every day. 

Now that we’re all settled in our home, the business had been given up, finding it taxing on my part and no longer profitable, I got more time on my hand more than ever. Or so I thought. School has kept me busy being G’s all around personal assistant; driver, tutor, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer and doing almost everything most of the time to single-handedly run the household, the perks of having DH working abroad to provide amply for the family. 

I thought blogging would be a good idea to timeline the things we do while DH is away, for him to have a glimpse of. Also, to share our stories to other families, whose mom or dad is away most of the time. This is our way of coping... Our stories, simple pleasures, travels and pieces and tidbits.

This is us. DH, Mom&G.

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