Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera in Manila Extended

"If you see only one show make sure it is this one!"-The Daily Mirror, UK  
And I am making sure that I see this show! The Phantom of the Opera.

I'm a sucker for musical movies, and the ones that I really like are Broadway shows turn into movies. Of course, The Phantom, Chicago, Rent, Nine, Annie, My Fair Lady even Evita. Moulin Rouge is my all time fave though, maybe a movie turn into a Broadway for this one? Heck, I even love 8 Mile, hey there's some singing there errr rapping, does that count?

Anyway, when I learned that The Phantom will be staged in the Philippines, I couldn't contain myself. I have to watch it! DH think otherwise though, he wouldn't allow me. (I think, he wanted us to see it together, too bad he's out of the country.) I remember we would watch the movie, Gerard Butler as the Phantom, DH would sing 'Love me, MJ, that's all I ask of you.' hahaha isn't it sweet? So, I heed and yes, being a good wife (at that time), I won't be going. You see, the show will be in CCP and us being in the province, it takes some planning and I can only go on weekends. However, I have sleepless nights of thinking, how could I allow to miss this one show...I would go to Ticketworld, where you can order your ticket online, and choose a seat even though I'm not going that time, and the show is closing soon. 

One day, checking at Ticketworld, The Phantom got extended (again!). I think, it's a sign that I should really go, it's like they're waiting for me haha! So, I booked a flight and ordered 2 tickets for the show. I figure I should bring G, what better way to introduce her to mom's passion. Having G with me, her school activities needs to be considered, so we wouldn't be going until 2 weeks from now. The tickets are selling fast and the good seats are almost all gone hence, the 2 weeks advance purchase. I got ours delivered today, I'm so excited!

You can order your tickets online at Ticketworld, they deliver orders via LBC.

As to this writing, the show got extended twice due to the overwhelming response of the Philippine audience.  Imagine: a nightly standing ovations. Originally, it is scheduled August 25-September 15. Then it got extended to September 30, 16 more shows are added until October 14.

The Phantom of the Opera
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