Saturday, September 15, 2012

7th Birthday

Ok, G's 8 now and I am already in the plans for her 9th birthday. But indulge me in sharing her memorable 7th birthday. Which I dare say, inspired other mom friends to give unforgettable birthday celebrations for their kiddos too! Hey, our little princesses turn 7 once!

Of course, we have second thoughts on throwing a grand party, considering that April is G's birthday month and the next month, it will be enrollment time and we are still on the finishing stage of our home. Luckily I charmed DH (again) to a workable budget plus I have some comissions on a sideline I had that time and one of G's generous ninang gifted her a sizable cash. So, off I go running around town. Then again wait! I went to this party planner... They gave me recommendations on the venue, have packages which already include EVERYTHING from the decorations, hosts, entertainment. I barely lifted a finger. But OC as I am, I asked to make the invitations and fill the giveaway bags. Come the big day, we checked in the hotel, came down once to check the party area then hours later, we we're having fun!

The party planner? Ms. Jasmin is the hands on owner. And I rave about her to my mommy friends!

The invitations I made. Bought special papers and ribbon from the bookstore, some tweaks in the computer, printed, rolled and tied a ribbon. DH helped me distribute the invites two weeks before the event.

I gave out save the date cards to G's classmates. School ends a month before her birthday, I have to remind them ahead of time!

...and the happy faces of G's guests...

Up to today, we sometimes sit down and watch the party's video that came with the photography package. We were glad that we hired professionals to document that special day. We still get lots of laughter in watching G's 7th birthday celebration.

How did your little one celebrated his/her big 7?

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