Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buwan Ng Wika

I think of all of G’s school activities, I like Buwan ng Wika celebration the most.  Why? Because it is memorable. How? G’s batch always win 1st place in stage presentation, they’re grade 2 currently. Last year, the grade ones won doing their medley dance in their different worker costumes. It was so cute to see little kids dressed up as policemen, fire fighter, driver, flight attendant, teacher, doctor, ice cream vendor and other workers. G was a sampaguita vendor, which called her to do a little kind of solo time running around the stage selling sampaguita on a pambahay clothes, which we love since it was an effortless costume.
2012 buwan ng wika, her batch performed the different dances of the Philippines. It was really amazing to see the little 7 and 8 year old kids dance and win given the 4 day after class practice.
Thirty kids from grade 2 were chosen,G was one of the 5 muslim fan dancers.

Afternoon before the program, one mom told me that the children need to wear a Filipiniana in the morning and change to their dance costume after lunch. I got a little panicked since we haven't have one prepared and  she wouldn't wear her last year's costume. G got a little bigger and taller.

At 2011 buwan ng wika, we we're already dressed at 5:45am and there's a power shortage, thus the light.

Going back on getting a litle panicked, after dance practice, 6:30pm we went straight to SM city for a Filipiniana costume. Boy, was I glad to see the selection.

G chose her costume, I think we paid P550.

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