Friday, September 7, 2012

Paris Get Away Birthday Theme

Last August 11, we we’re invited to a 5th birthday party, theme: Paris Get Away.  Birthday girl’s mom asked us to wear something pink. I wanted to put G in an all out pink outfit but she wouldn’t have it. She wanted to wear her new favorite, a Pois Belly and Kids baby pink tutu.
Now, to choose a top to go with the tutu:

G's first Forever 21. I bought these during a shopping spree DH gifted me for our 10th wedding anniversary.
have these layered pearls for quite a while but haven't got the chance to use it

I like the pop of color of the orange top.

with the birthday girl
In the end, G chose the purple top and wore her Sugar Kids.
L-R the venue, candy corner (with the adorable enlarged photos),
personalized juice and napkin label, of course, Mom&G and G with her loot pouch
Party day, we were excited! We really enjoy attending kids birthdays. While G is having the time of her life joining the games and enjoying the shows, I don't shy away from playing in the adult games too. Haha!

Do you guys like attending birthday parties too?

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