Friday, September 21, 2012

Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers have an important role. They impart knowledge and values which stays for a lifetime with our children. They mold our future nation builders. In the Philippines, we consider teachers as our children's second parents. After all, most time of the day, five times a week, our kids are with them. Teachers have a great impact on our little ones lives. And it is just fitting that we acknowledge this with a celebration.
G's teachers' day celebration will be a week from now. Two weeks ago, the parents have already met and made contribution to celebrate that one day especially for our children's mentors. G wanted to gift her adviser something which can be used at school. We received this letter though.

This is another thing that I like about G's school. They encourage simplicity and seem to have an understanding of how we can celebrate without all the hoopla and spending spree. Even at school presentations and programs, spending is strongly discouraged, also with school projects. I think this only brings out the creativity of students (and parents) in completing minimal or no cost projects. This also teach kids the value of money.
So for the special day for her teachers, we opted to make quote cards, as suggested by G. She told me it's better than to buy flowers which will wither, hmmm..good thinking.

we made this out of existing school materials and stock, no cost!
The steps, 12 seems a lot but it's really easy!
The steps: 
1.  Gather all materials: special paper (thick ones), puncher,scissors, cutter, cutting mat (if you prefer), pencil, colored writing materials, glue, ribbon, beads (again, if you prefer) and a thicker paper pictured above, we used a carton.
2.  Made this quotes and printed it out.
3.  Cut the quotes. I prefer using a cutter and mat when cutting. You can use the scissors if you like.
4.  Traced each quote to the carton.
5.  Cut the traced sizes.
6.  I punched holes to the special paper and marked the carton of the holes since the carton is thicker, I used scissors to put a hole in it.
7.  Glue the quotes to the carton.
8. Cut and insert 4 ribbons at each quote (cut ribbon at desired length, make sure it is long enough so you can tie it into something like in the picture) 
9.  Time to put beads! 
10. While G is decorating with beads, I cut 4 special papers she can write her greetings on.
11. After G wrote her cards, we glued it at the back of the carton.
12. The final outcome!
Make sure to supervise your kids when using cutting materials

Since we found the hanging quote easy, we decided to make simple cards too so she can thank all her teachers.
we also made this!
The cards were so easy to make. Get a thick special paper, cut it cardlike, have your kids write on it. On our part, I got a free a printable bloom and grow note like this:

printed it out, glued it to the card and added a floral piece we  have in stock.

Simple DIY your kids will like, so easy, so cute!

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