Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts! beats. by dr. dre.

Beats by Dr. Dre solo HD red special edition! This is one gift I truly love. 
I was eyeing a Hed Kandi and felt lucky that I got beats!
This solo HD headphones' light and is foldable, making it small enough to fit in my purse.

monster beats box, very well packaged

Opening the box, carrying case is revealed with the beats folded away, also its cleaning cloth, booklet and headphone wire. Although folded, I wouldn't call it portable as it is a traditional hifi headphones you would not use for a jog or exercise. This gift is best company for a run.

One thing I like about beats solo is it is not humongous, I can actually use it and not look like I'm trying hard to be cool teenager. The cord is not permanent, and probably you can replace it once damaged. Also, it is not battery operated  and it can run even with an iPod shuffle. 

could be extended for better grip on head

The first few hours that I used the monster beats, I was hooked. I now know why they named it Beats! That is if your music quality is good, I find it a very compatible headphones for a certain type of music like bass heavy raps and songs also with modern pop. However I find Beats render very clear sound to the point that you can hear nuance, I hear little details in a song that I've never heard while just listening from a speaker or other headphones.  But this also means that the over all quality of the product is good if I could hear those subtle nuances.

Safe to say I love my monster beats and I'm bringing it anywhere! 
As hubby put it, I was on a sound trip when I started using Beats!

Whatever your type of music, a good headphone's an investment you'll surely appreciate!
Til next time, lovelies!

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