Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Gifts! iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle Red 2012 color addition
I wanted to complete my collection of  Apple products. Today, I received a package and it's an iPod shuffle, a small and perfect addition to my growing collection.
hubby ordered online a red shuffle
opening the box, it was well packed

The small package comes with the headset, the shuffle itself, starter booklet and USB. I was excited since I've been wanting a new mp3 player which could keep me company when I do my early morning jog. I thought this is a good choice for it. What I like most though is the engraving.

so sweet

You can checkout the Apple website on how to add a special message on your favorite Apple product. It is a perfect touch to add sweetness on that Apple gift you wanted to give yourself or a special someone.

On the product review itself, iPod shuffle is a small wonder with a sturdy built in clip, support for playlists, a voice over feature that announces playlists, track info and battery status. Some would be turned off by the 2GB capacity but I think that would be enough for me, that's about 360 songs. What I dislike is the controls tend to get pinched when clipping the iPod to my clothes. Apart from that, I'm satisfied with  this small gadget to bring my songs on the go!

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