Friday, December 28, 2012

Allan's Original Talabahan

With hubby's sudden coming home on the 24th of December, I wasn't really prepared  both with my beauty routines (winkz!) for his coming home and all the celebration and everyday eating out.

Today, we decided to have seafood. In Iloilo, seafood are abundant and cheap! One of the many known seafood restaurant in Iloilo is Allan's Talabahan. They used to be housed in an old hut like place where we ate once, having experienced a bad service, we didn't come back until last week. We found it nestled in a new location, improved, and with a better service.

The new Allan's Original Talabahan
Ok, I'm on a diet, really! Hubby's considerate too and we try to limit our food order when we go out. I even ask him to remind me of my diet haha!

of course, the 'sinamak' and soy sauce 

Talaba (oyster)
My favorite, liver! can't wait ate 2 sticks before I took the pics.
I would come back to Allan's for this alone and of course, for the baked oyster!

Allan's famous baked oyster
Look at how big this oyster is!
We also love the 'adobado'

hubby's choice, grilled belly tangigue

We spent less than 500php, and we were so full! I told hubby, this will be the next venue for my pig out session with my sisters.

improved interior
wash area
or you can choose to eat outside

across the road of Allan's, the new Gaisano Capital
Allan's is situated at the national road of Oton. you will hardly miss it especially now that it is in front of the new Oton Gaisano Capital.

Even outside the city limit, Allan's is worth the trip. Good food at prices that anyone can afford.

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