Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Gifts! Incanto Bloom

I love Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Fragrances! Bought and used up the 
Charms, Shine and Heaven. 
So when I received the Incanto Bloom, I was so happy!


The box and the bottle is beautiful! I think a lot of girls are guilty of buying a perfume just because of the packaging, especially when the bottle is too pretty to resist. That's been true with the Incanto line of Salvatore Ferragamo. However, this perfume ( and the other variants) is past the fresh and cute visual effect  with it's modern vera bow. Case in point: when I wear this, hubby compliment how good I smell!  I'm trying to stick on a signature scent, been using Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, but of course I can't say no to free perfumes, who can anyway?

What I like about this scent is has a tea like scent (like Elizabeth Arden) with rose as a big player, it comes off as floral fruity. What I do is spray some on my palm and pat it on my neck and hair. So the smell will be straight from my hair and my hands, which hubby often kiss and compliment me on how good they smell! Also, it has a long staying power, maybe more than 8 hours (but I often respray). I guess this would be a nice fragrance to use on rainy and cold days since I notice when it's dry outside, the smell seem to reek. I'd still use the green tea on warm days.

That's it for now ladies, hopefully I'll receive lots of gifts to share reviews with you. :)
Happy Holidays!

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