Friday, November 23, 2012

Les Miserables - pass the tissue, please.

I love musicals, I say it time and time again. Ok, I'm a frustrated singer. But when I can (mostly, when I'm alone) I belt out songs which have the lyrics memorized to a tee. My playlist are a mixed of old and new songs. Dear Hubby even said that before a song gets frequent airplays, we are already tired of hearing it coz I got it on replay for quite some time before it gets famous, and where am I getting the songs? :) Even at the casa, the workers would comment that our playlist is good. Hmmm so, they've been tweaking our car stereo...

Anyway, enough about my love of music.

Aren't we glad a movie adaptation of the musical Les Miserables will be out soon? By soon I mean 2013. The movie will be released last week of December 2012, and I'm guessing it will be shown the next year , January, because of the MMFF. 

I was so ecstatic chancing upon the trailer above months ago. I even asked G to watch the trailer with me, twice haha! It just gave me chills and I got teary eyed, was thinking I should bring a box of tissue when we watch it.

What more can you ask for? A good plot, an intricately detailed set by the looks of it, an emotionally arousing music delivered by the superb cast. Anne Hathaway, G and I have been a fan since her Princess Diaries days. But have you seen her sing at Ella Enchanted? We love her rendition of Somebody To Love and she host the Oscars, you should check it out too, and she raps at a Conan O'Brien show. She's a delight. And yes, she also helped Hugh Jackman at opening The Oscars years back. It was a dream to see Hugh Jackman sing! You should really take a look at him opening The Oscars at 2009. You'll take a first glimpse at Jean Valjean and Fantine

In the clip, we are briefly treated to Amanda Seyfield's innocent schoolgirl voice. Although, I think some of us can't wait Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha baron Cohen's takes on their characters. Also, Russell Crowe is a welcome addition. The movie is directed by Tom Hooper whose work includes the multi awarded The King's Speech.

An extended firstlook at the movie:

So, the actors have the freedom to sing live which I think will do lots of good to the movie since they will have a chance to give more emotion to the the songs rather than just lip-sync it from a pre-recorded audio. This I believe,gave the trailer's opening song full of emotion.

I haven't read the book, someone told me Les Mis is one of the longest novels written. But I've checked Les Miserables at Wiki to give myself a heads up on what to expect. It is a five volume plot. Tragic and sad, I really should bring the tissue come showing day! With the beautiful story and characters life span length, the movie better be over 2 hours!

Now, on my wishlist, a Les Miserables book to collect! =)

Les Miserables is written by Victor Hugo, he also wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame which have been adapted to movie by Disney; which I remembered watching at the big screen when I was still in high school!

I'm so looking forward for this movie! You too?
Merry Christmas!

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