Saturday, January 3, 2015

Skin Care Series

Hello loves! A happy new year!

I've been out the orbit for some time. 
Been busy with going around town that I don't get to sit much in front of the computer 
(unless I play online games, for which I got plenty of time! hahaha).

Hubby and I have been playing this online game for more than 7 years now. 
We're veterans of this game! 
And comes with age is my expertise in handling my chosen  character, 
and we enjoy so much that we tend to forget the time everytime! 
At first I played a deadly assassin character. 
But I find the mage class, more appealing (look at that beauty hahaha!).

I've been a deadly nuker since then, one of the most feared classes in Tantra.

Oh my, I could go on forever talking about this loved game. So, in other matters...

I've been through my make up phase, and have been hoarding 
face and lip palettes for quite sometime. 
But lately, I've become more interested with finding a good regimen for my skin. 
For the next posts, I'll be talking about some of the 
beauty brands and products that I've been using. 
Few of my friends been asking me, what I use and 
this is a good place to tell, review and share. 
Hope, you girls, find this skin care series informative. :) :) 

I have a combination oily skin. But I use what I can get my hands into. 
So it's a hit or miss for me, but I'm quite loyal to one brand as you can see above :) .

Next post will be about make up remover. Stay tuned! 

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