Friday, April 4, 2014

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick 143 Nahema

Guerlain Nahema Lipstick
Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick in Nahema (143)
Mall Price: P2200.00
Available: Guerlain Counters in Rustan's Dept. Store
Finish: Glossy sheen

So, when hubby's on his 2 day travel to come home, 
he had 4 plane flights and 3 duty free stores along the way. 
I was keen on not asking for anything, saying, 
I'll just have my shopping list ready when he's home, 
and we'd buy at the mall. I missed mall make up shopping. 

So when he asked his sister to call me and wake me up at 1am for duty free 'pasalubong', 
I was not prepared! 
My SOP when I want something is I'd give him the exact name 
of the make up or perfume that I want, 
exact location of where he could find it, 
down to which floor and what other stores are nearby so he can easily locate it.

I was a little groggy and I just asked for MAC and a Killer Queen perfume 
but both are not available. 
I asked him to tell me what make up counters he see, and alas, there's Guerlain! 
I was a little hesitant but asked for 142 rouge automatique and of course, 
as it is one of the best sellers, 
it's not available. With a hefty price tag, I told him I'd just buy MAC since 
1 guerlain lippy would be 2 and 1/2 of MAC haha! 
But he insisted, so what could a weak lipstick girl like me can do but to oblige. 
Asked him to buy just 1, as it will be my most expensive lipstick.

Boy, it felt like christmas when DH handed me the 3piece pack of Guerlain lipstick.

All the pretty colors!

The 3 piece pack came with a La Petite Robe Noire Eau De Toilette 5mlsampler. 
The bottle is so simple but nice, with a little black dress. Hmm aren't LBD a Chanel thing? 
It has a strong cherry smell, young, fun and sweet! 
Definitely want to have a bigger bottle in the future! :)

That was a long intro, on with the nahema review; I love this lipstick! 
Found another brand I could obsess about.

 The luxurious gold case has a slide mechanism making this lipstick 
truly a one hand application ordeal.

This Guerlain lippy doesn't come with a separate cap, 
but the square top opens to reveal the lipstick as it slide up. 
How lovely is that!? Even G, approve, she asked several times to play with it, 
I draw the line at 3 tries haha!

Nahema is a lovely pink-coral with a glossy sheen finish and shimmer. 
What have stopped me from buying this lippy is it's price but I'm glad that finally, 
I get to have a Guerlain. Though it's a splurge, it definitely pay off. 
It is a beautiful color for the summer, 
it looks fresh and feels lightweight when applied. 
This moisturizes my lips big time. It glides beautifully without a problem. 
Although the coverage is not as opaque as MAC's, it is in a different league, 
Nahema is more on the softer, muted side, it leaves my lips moisturized for 4 hours.
 Not a long staying lippy but, reapplying is just a s fun!

On my lips on its own, without a liner or balm.
Nahema have a very nice pigment though it doesn't mask the whole color of your lips. 
With 3 glide application, it gives a very fresh coral coverage. 

I love this lipstick to pieces, especially that it's a gift from hubby ;) 
I certainly have trained him well to buy the good stuff! LOL

Would you splurge for a lippy?

On the next reviews: Rouge Automatique RoseLip and Champs-Elysees

'Til then!
XO :)

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