Saturday, January 24, 2015

Le Weekend De Chanel

Chanel Le Weekend
Price: P5,450 (50ml)
Available: Rustan's

Chanel Le Weekend is a part of trinity of Chanel serums; Le Jour, La Nuit et Le Weekend.

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Le Jour is to be used every morning, La Nuit at night, and Le Weekend as the name sugest, every weekend. Since I have my routine of moisturizers, and the fact that I don't want to break the bank with the 3 purchase, I got me a Chanel Le Weekend. It is supposed to be used on weekends. But my weekend falls on any two days of the week. Hey, no one's checking anyway haha!

Le weekend should not be used near the eye area and must be used as a single serum. No other serum but this on your weekend. However, this product gave me a few breakouts on the first few weeks. But I gave it another month for a chance and surprisingly, no more breakouts! It left my skin so soft to the touch and looked renewed in the morning. I even sneaked in a few use on some days. When I use Le weekend, I don't have the feel to put on any make up. I get a natural glow.

Le weekend is milky, I use two pumps every time, which leave my skin silky.

Chanel Le Weekend bottle is understated but is beautiful. 
Designed to be displayed and not hidden away.  

So, with a hefty price tag, would I buy it again? Yes, coz #cocomademedoit ! 

And if you could splurge, this is one product to try, or at least ask a sample first before buying. :) :)

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'Til then!

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