Monday, February 9, 2015

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 
Mall Price: P5,300
Availble : Rustan's

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The perks of not getting younger, we get to know and try products that have been there, 
bestsellers, but we haven't known before.
 Let's not use 'getting old', ok! :)

Let's focus to the bright side of not getting younger.

Until my late 20s, I haven't really think much about my skin. Aren't young skin magical? 

In our 20s, we used to stay up late, party for 3 consecutive days, eat whatever we want...
and in the morning (or noon) when we wake up, 
we still have that supple, healthy glow veil in our face. 
But that really changes, I tell you. 
Along with how much energy we have in doing all nighters party and rendezvous, 
that elastic and easily rejuvenates skin slows down its work.

So here we are, in our 30s and looking for some miracle in a bottle. 

My sis-n-law and I have one shopping spree we couldn't forget! 
It really is awesome having a girlfriend in your shopping trip, it's double the fun. 
We hoarded skincare needs, did mall rounds, sample some Greek food and 
lounged around, people watching (bag spying that is!), 
oh we checked out the new casino in town, 
just marveled at how the place smelled good haha!. 
Simple pleasures...

We took home some serious finds, like the Chanel Le Weekend, the Clinique Dramatically Different  Moisturizing Gel, eye cream, some lippies 
and this, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. 
I say, this is one of my favorite finds in that trip. 
The one's we bought is said to be an upgrade version 
of the old one which they say sells one bottle every 8.5 second. 
Oh wow! Did't know that before we pick one.
But aren't that some kind of an assurance?

advanced night repair

Although i find the bottle so medicine like with it's dropper, 
it really do look nice and the dropper is superb for hygienic purposes.

This is to be used at night time on a clean skin before your moisturizer. 

But really, I use this alone and still wake up with a smoother, hydrated skin. 
I think I will be sticking to this miracle in a bottle for a while.

1. Makes skin immediately plump and hydrated.
2. Makes skin radiant and brighter.
3.Not harsh, no stinging sensation.
4. A little goes a long way.

1. Pricey (?)

I'm partial to this since you use it at night time, once a day. 
So, the 50ml bottle would last me a good 4 months. 
And you get what you pay for.

So are you convinced yet? 
Thanks for dropping by, dolls!

'Til then!

XO :)

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