Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lacoste: Eau De Lacoste

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste
Available: perfume counters nationwide
Price: $$

Ecuadorian roses and a perfume for valentine's day, who can complain? :)

Let's take a closer look:
(from Lacoste Fragrance Online)
Top Note: Juicy White Pineapple
                Calabrian Mandarin
                Calabrian Bergamot

Heart Note: Pineapple Flower
                   Jasmine Sambac
                   Orange Flower

Base Note: Sandalwood
                    Peru Balsam

Eau De Lacoste comes in 3 variant, 90ml, 50ml and 30ml.
I got a very handy, fit in your purse 30ml variant, 
and I was glad that it isn't bigger because 
I'm not crazy over the smell. 
For the last month I think I've used it twice. 
And that's when I run for grocery errands. 
Sure it smells good when you smell it from the bottle, but it's staying power is just for 
2 hours and I'm smelling something generic.

Definitely for casual days, where you're not trying to impress anyone on how good you could smell, haha!
I have a habit of putting one or two sprays of perfume in my hands,
 rubbing my hands together and patting it in my neck,
this is how I sometimes measure how long the smell stay on me. 
Sadly, this one stays for a little while.

I guess I'm more of into rusty, flowery smell that I can't appreciate the simplicity of Eau De Lacoste so much.

The packaging is as simple as how it smells. 
The cap is reminiscent of a golf ball, rounded white and simple.
With this no fuss packaging and not so potent juice for fragrance, 
the price could have been lower. 
I wouldn't repurchase this perfume.

from Google stock photo

Cool actress Amy Adams, promoting the perfume.

More reviews coming!
Have a lovely day, ladies!
XO :)

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