Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY: Headband Holder

This headband holder  is so easy to make, it will take less than 30 minutes of your time.

Having a girl, is an entirely different story from having a boy for a child. You get so much to do and buy for little girls. Lots of girly stuff from headbands, hair clips, sunglasses, bags, shoes, dress and all those frilly, colorful stuff that scream pretty and cute!

G's headband stocked.
We got quite a selection of hair accessories, it's been my practice to scourge the downtown area and mall sales for hair accessories before the school year starts. That is June in the Philippines. So, our hair accessories easily grow in number.

To celebrate the first day of the end of classes, we just stayed home to rest and decided to do some DIY.


1. Milk formula can or any can that could serve the purpose
     - we would want something taller but a regular formula can will do.
     - try putting the headband first on the can to test if it is just the right size,
        i.e. it would not slide down
2. Piece of cloth to wrap the can with
     -you can use anything that would catch your fancy, but a cottony one I guess is better
3. Glue gun, glue stick and scissors
4. Laces and ribbons or anything that could be used to decorate the holder.

*We have everything at home, so this project cost us nothing.

 Doing this project is actually self explanatory, you can do it the way you prefer
but here's how I did mine:

1. Wrap the can.

 Heat the glue gun and put a glue on the wider part of the cloth.
     - I didn't start gluing from the edge as it will be folded later.

Start wrapping the can by putting glue on both lid, a little at a time. 
Putting glue a little at a time and wrapping the cloth will prevent the hot glue from drying. 
I just wrapped the can with gluing just on the lids.

Be sure to pull tight the cloth a little (but not too hard) so there will be no movement 
once the can is wrapped. Also glue the extra fabric at the bottom and inside of the can. 
       This could be a little tricky just be patient with it. 
       I didn't bother to make the bottom wrap pretty, it won't be seen, anyway. :)

You'll have something like this after. 
The hard part is over. To the next step.

2. Decorate the holder.

To cover the fabric where it met, I used a ribbon. 

Put glue on the ends only. Don't glue the entire ribbon.

The finished holder. You can do so much though. 
G and I just made a very simple one
I also put a purple ribbon inside the lid to cover the fabric's ends.

Now that the project's finished, put on the headband and hair clips. This is the fun part!

We put hair clips on the purple ribbon. 
This is why we glued at the ends only.

With the headbands. It's so pretty.

G was so happy that our DIY turned up pretty!

a bagful of hair bands and clips

We put it inside the can, convenient too!

G decided to put our little project on her bedside table!

Give this DIY a try lovelies, it's so easy to make.
As we still got bagful of hair accessories, I think we'll be doing one or two more holders.

Til then!

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