Monday, March 17, 2014

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
Price: 3oz Php1050 and 1.5 oz  Php700
Available: online (Digital Traincase)

Well, if you haven't heard of Ben Nye, you need to be penalized haha!
More than a year ago, Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 
became an overnight sensation when 
Kim K posted her photos on Twitter and Instagram 
using the powder to highlight her face. 
Love her or hate her, we can't deny the fact that she's beautiful 
and though her make up is on the heavy side, 
it is very impressive...that perfectly contoured face.

Kim K with Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
(Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian)
With the posts of  Kim K's photos with Ben Nye on 
and her make up artist's mention of the product, 
women around the world went crazy and started hoarding the powder that 
online order was set to 10 bottles limit per costumer.
The make up line is Ben Nye, it is a banana colored loose powder, thus, 
Ben Nye (Bella) Banana Luxury Powder.

The packaging is no nonsense. 
It's just a simple plastic bottle with a label.

What I do is tap a little product on the cap and use a brush to apply on top of foundation or made up face to set the make up and absorb oil from the face.

I have large pores and I noticed this tend to highlight it.  
I must say though, this setting powder will make you look good on pictures. 
After all, Ben Nye products are theatrical make up.

Before I bought this bottle, I got second thought because of the mix reviews I've read. However, I've been investing on make up needs for G since she got lots of activities which require her face to be made up. So, I thought this would be a good setting powder to use on her. And I was right! Even my niece, whom I do occasional make up, noticed how good her make up look when we use the Ben Nye Luxury Powder.

Yamaha Recital (unfiltered)
Ballet Performance (unfiltered)
Chinese New Year (unfiltered)
I don't want G to get make up from a salon or anyone who'd use products I'm not sure of. 
So, I practiced doing her face and stick to a routine which is easy and would look good.
Aside from being able to take care of her skin as she is young 
for make up, this saves me a lot of cash. :) I do her hair too.

What I do is prep the face with a moisturizer, 
top it off with minimal bb cream or foundation, let dry then do the eye, face and lips, 
after then I dust the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. 
It never fail to give a good made up face every time and a good photo snap register!

Talc based, just like a baby powder.
Don't be discouraged by the yellow talc color, it perfectly blend with the skin, 
almost like you never dusted it to your face. It brightens the face a little too.

I like it that it is talc base which means it does wonders to control the shine.
Not only can you use it to set the make up but it is a good concealer too!
It is finely milled, it is silky but a good primer base is important to get that flawless silky look finish.
For the price, it is a good bargain. 
You won't finish a big bottle in a short period.

What I dislike though is its container. 
I have no qualms on the plastic bottle but the holes where the talc comes out is
 just too big it tends to be messy. 
It takes a little product to dust off the whole face but because of the big holes, it is sure you'll over spill. 
However, you can do something about it, like look for a better container to transfer the powder to.

Hope this review will help you ladies.

'Til Then!
XO :)

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