Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless (215)

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless
Price: Php575
Available: Revlon counters at leading malls

I've been wanting a purple lipstick for a few months now but I was always hesitant to buy.
Of course, it's purple! It could be hard to pull off and though it look good on celebrities,
it's a different story when I'll use it. :)

Still, I got the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless and many compared this to MAC Heroine.
Revlon matte balms as its name suggests are lippies which are matte but is moisturizing like a balm.

I love how they come in a thick crayon/pencil form.

 But instead of sharpening it, you can twist the silver bottom and voila! It's so convenient.

This color is definitely not for the faint of heart. The color's 'shameless' to boot.
It is a must to exfoliate before using Shameless or you will end up with a patchy lip.
Aside from exfoliating, I put a balm underneath, well,
this one doesn't moisturize like a balm as it claim.
But I love it's minty smell and a little sting when applied, I guess,
that is where the balm claim come in.

I notice the color is slightly on the pink purple side. Coverage is fairly opaque and since my lips has a slight tint already, I guess it altered the color when applied. It is not as purple as when I swatched it in my hand.
After a few hours the slight sheen disappeared but the lip color stayed for 4hours.
I once wore Shameless and layered it with MAC pink pigeon, it stayed for more than 7 hours! I was amazed, even after a heavy meal, my lip is still tinted with a pretty pink purple color.
I then started using shameless under other lippies. I get a long stay lipstick! Ladies, you should try it.

1. Comes cheap for a stunning color
2. Buildable and blends well with other lipstick colors
3. Ease of use, pencil like and twistable bottom for
4. Love the minty smell
5. Stays long

1. Lip must be prepped every time, need to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate or lips will all be patchy.

Revlon Matte Balm's a good buy, I won't stop with Shameless, so far I saw 10 colors at the Revlon counter and had my eye on Audacious and Unapologetic.

Til then! :)

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