Friday, January 18, 2013

Brazilian Blowout

Hi lovelies! Today, I decided to visit the salon for an overdue treatment of my hair. It's been four months since my last salon visit. My usual hair treat would be hair color and trim, hair spa/ hair booster. When the receptionist mentioned the Brazilian Blowout, I was kind of interested since it's one Brazilian beauty regimen I could withstand, given the other brazilian down there ;). Since hubby was with me, I consulted him directly if it's ok if I get the Brazilian Blowout, well, it's pricier than my usual salon treatments. Gladly he obliged and I was sold when the hairstylist said that Brazilian Blowout is recommended for anyone who has frizzy, damaged  and processed hair. Well at the time, my hair's frizzy, damaged and processed. 

Brazilian Blowout promised to leave my hair totally frizz free, shiny and effortlessly manageable. Hmmmm I kept thinking, a lot like rebonding without the downtime since after the treatment, you can wash your hair, tuck it in your ears or wear a ponytail.  Aside from straightening my hair and making it shiny and manageable, it will also treat my chemically treated hair. However, the treatment will only last for 3 months. 

Before I became Brazilian :)

I already got waist length hair, been asking my hubby and daughter if I could cut it short but they wouldn't let me. It got a little frizzy at the end at the same time dry and unmanageable at times. 

Because my roots are already showing, the stylist had my hair colored first then shampooed it after. I noticed that the Brazilian Blowout shampoo that they use was controlled by someone, as in they measure the shampoo being used (also the conditioner) later on, the stylist told me that the Brazilian Blowout set is very pricey. Apparently 32k php. Also explain the pricey hair treatment. 

After shampoo ( which was very thorough, mind you), the stylist handed me a mask to cover my nose since the chemical used have a very strong smell. I ended up using the mask to cover my eyes too LOL! Once my hair had the chemical treatment, I had a blow dry then he used a straightener to further straighten my hair. I was guided to the wash area after the straightening session (I already like my hair at this time), my hair was rinsed and a conditioner was applied and was thoroughly rinsed again. My hair was blow dried and straightened again. After 3.5hours, I was feeling my soft, shiny hair and hubby kept touching it.

Certified Brazilian! ;)
I didn't snip an inch of my hair since I see the ends are ok after the blowout.

I forgot to take the after photo at the salon coz we we're already running late in picking up G from her dance class. Hubby took this photo at home. He was teasing me after the treatment to do some hair flip (which I did) since my hair seem to have more bounce and it seemed 'balik ayos'. Mind you, I thought some eyes were on my hair too! hahaha! Well, I'm satisfied with the Brazilian Blowout and if permitted financially, I might do this every 3 months since the Brazilian Blowout is a cumulative treatment. The more you receive the blowout, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.

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