Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss.
I got this gloss as a birthday gift from my sis-n-law, the more fun to wear it, hey, it's free! Haha!

I like the long wand and at 4.5g, it would be a while for a repurchase. I love this gloss, it's not too sticky and it's smell is not overpowering.

The swatch reminds me of a yummy strawberry jam, it looks red and concentrated. But when you apply it, it really is just a gloss.

It really is a pretty color on the tube but when I apply, it doesn't show much color. However, I like it on top of a loud color lipstick. The third lips, I got a random lipstick and layered the gloss. It ads so much omph, I love it!

I had Russian Red on, and a layer of the diamond shine just for fun. 
See the teeny sparkles? 


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