Monday, August 5, 2013

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray

Elizabeth Arden green tea scent spray has got to be one of my favorites. 
I've been using this perfume for quite a long time, maybe used up more than ten 100ml bottles. 
You see, when I like something and when it works good on me, I tend to repurchase and hoard. 

The packaging is simple and fuss free. Also, the bottle have clean line and is transparent so you see when it's about to run out. It's not as fanciful as other perfume bottles but it is convenient to carry on your purse, tall 100ml bottle but slim. Yes, I carry the big bottle since
I can't find a 50ml or 10ml ones.

Maybe fuss free packaging and a simple bottle's one reason why this perfume sell cheap. A plus since I tend to spray myself shamelessly with this one, so I use it up quite fast and I always make sure that I don't ran out of this green tea scent spray hence, the frequent repurchase. What's good about  Elizabeth Arden green tea is it's smell is not overpowering so you can over spray and respray every time. It is mild and refreshing. 

Being cheap, you get what you pay for, a medium staying power minty green tea scent. However, for me, it has a great ability to lift the mood and energize. It is a good go to boring day (haha!) perfume. I really like it's burst of freshness that I also spray this on linens and my drawer of lingerie since I also find it good for falling asleep. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea scent spray came out in
1999 and I've been using this since year 2001. 
I thought it was created far back since it smelled like a classic.

Great if you like simple non offensive scent and you just want to smell nice for no reason
for a low price tag. 
You might find it's very little to medium staying power annoying that
you have to respray every time.

Maybe a visit to the perfume counter will help you decide ladies! 

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