Friday, February 15, 2013

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

As one of my dear husband's valentines gift, Wonderstruck is easily one of my favorite! 
I'm not really a fan of perfumes endorsed by celebrities but I got one too many! 
Hubby's been buying them, I guess he thinks it safe to buy products endorsed by someone well known. Good thing, he got a good nose, his buys simply smell fantastic. 
Ahhm it helps, that the first compliments I get when I wear his gift perfumes are from him LOL. 

The box with the Taylor's lucky number 13 in gold

Seriously though, Wonderstruck smells wonderful! I got compliments, 
not from hubby alone when I wear this. It smells feminine and warm. 
However, I don't think the smell stays long on me, maybe 4 hours. 
But the first minutes I spray this on, I really feel like I smell so good and yummy! :) 
Ok, ok, I'm not really a big Taylor Swift fan, I like some or most of her songs, 
but I still refuse to admire someone who dominate the teeny booper age. 
But still, she is admirable in a lot of ways. One, is creating this fragrance.
 It is suitable for wear day and night, actually this is my go to perfume now, 
used to use Elizabeth Arden Green Tea when I'm indecisive on what to spray. 
It also helps a lot that the box and bottle looks beautiful.

Taylor Swift personally chose the bottle and charms used in this perfume.
 The bottle really looks nice, it gets a rainbow color when hit by the light and
the color is beautiful too, I want it in my fingernails!

Top notes: Freesia, Apple Blossom, Raspberry
Middle notes; Vanilla, Honey Suckle, White Hibiscus
Base notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Peach

Too many fragrances combined to create this sweet, feminine smell. Even you won't like the smell,
 the bottle is a nice addition to our vanity table, ladies!

And here's the full ad clip of the perfume, Taylor looks like she was plucked 
out of a fairy tale in this one. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video

Also available, and I want to get this one too, Wonderstruck Enchanted 

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