Monday, June 20, 2016

Extra 25 Bonus Points on Your SM Advantage Card

Are you like most of us? 

Burns the time at the mall.

If you are, chances are you have an SM advantage/prestige card. 

How to get that extra 25 points bonus? 

Just update your SM Advantage membership profile HERE.

You must have a valid email to confirm your registration/update. 

Email generated when you have previously provided them with your email.

I have been a SM Advantage member since 2006 and been a 

Prestige card holder right away, when they first introduced it.

How to be a Prestige card holder and it's perks and privileges, on the next blog.

Personally, apart from the 25 bonus points, I find registering my SM Prestige card a good thing.

Once registered, you can log on to your account and do the following:

1. View all your SMAC transactions and accumulated points.

2. Edit your Customer Information, email address and password.

3. Replace a Lost or Damaged Card.

4. Learn more about the SM Advantage Card, promos, events and privileges.

What I like most is being able to see all my transactions and see my spending. 
Also you can see your available bonus points. 
They also send an email informing you of how much you have spent so far in a given time.
 And this sometimes gives me a chuckle knowing the amount I spend. 

As of writing, I have 931 available points. 
You earn points every time you use your card, 1 point for every P200 purchase.
I accumulate my points for the entire year.
Every December I use the points to buy something 
for our home which we could use or display. 
It's sort of a souvenir for that year's spending.

It will take less than 5 minutes to register/update your card. 
Extra 25 bonus points promo is until June 30, 2016 only.

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